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The Color of the Twist Tie on Your Bread Will Tell You How Fresh It Is

As you twist open a loaf of bread for sandwiches for the hubby’s and the kid’s lunches, have you ever stopped to wonder what the color of the twist tie meant? If not, you should, because it’s a secret indicator of just how fresh your loaf will be.

Sure there’s an expiration date on your bread, but if you don’t want to root through all the loaves, you can quickly look at the color of the twist tie because it tells you what day of the week your bread was baked. Neat, huh?

The color code is as follows: Monday: Blue, Tuesday: Green, Thursday: Red, Friday: White, Saturday: Yellow. What about Wednesday and Sunday? According to Snopes, most places have fresh bread delivered only on those aforementioned five days.

If you’re wondering why there would be a need for the colored bread tags when there’s clearly an expiration date printed on the bag, the answer is that it’s mainly for the employees. When they’re clearing out the shelves of stale loaves, they’ll look at the plastic tag to know which ones to grab.

So what’s the best way to remember which color corresponds to which day? Just make a mental note that the colors go in alphabetical order. But if you know you’ll never remember that, just write that key down on a piece of paper and take a picture of it on your phone so you’ll always have it. (That’s also a helpful trick you should remember the next time you travel and want to make sure that you’ve turned off the stove.)

It’s important to remember that some companies operate on different schedules, so when in doubt, check the expiration date on the bag.


Try this sourdough recipe at home, and you’ll know exactly how fresh your bread is!

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