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‘Schitt’s Creek’ Cast Then and Now: Catch Up With This Hilarious Crew of Characters

"Ew, David!" Find out what the stars are doing today!

The hilarious antics of the Schitt’s Creek cast made us laugh out loud episode after episode during its 80 episodes from 2015 to 2020. Whether it be David’s hilarious one-liners, Alexis’ antics, Stevie’s deadpan delivery or Moira’s wild assortment of wigs, fans knew they were in for a hoot when tuning in. The series had a slower start on Canadian television, but grew in popularity when it began streaming on Netflix — and the rest is history.

What is Schitt’s Creek about?

A wealthy family loses their fortune when they’re defrauded by their business manager. Their sole remaining asset is a town by the name of Schitt’s Creek that family patriarch, Johnny, bought for his son as a joke for his birthday one year. Now, the family must adjust to their new and far more humble lifestyle, living in conjoined rooms in the town’s motel. Here, get to know the Schitt’s Creek cast who made us laugh for six seasons.

Schitt’s Creek cast today

Eugene Levy as Johnny Rose

Eugene Levy in 2015 and 2023
2015 / 2023Getty

Eugene Levy had been in the movie industry long before his time on Schitt’s Creek, but his role as the Rose family patriarch earned him an entirely new generation of fans. Co-creating the show with son Dan Levy, Eugene has continued to act since the show came to its end.

You can find him in Star Crossed: The Film (2021), as well as doing voice work in Back Home Again and Human Resources. Prior to Schitt’s Creek, some of his most notable roles were in American Pie (1999), Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005), Best In Show (2000) and A Mighty Wind (2003).

Dan Levy as David Rose

Dan Levy in 2015 and 2023
2015 / 2023Getty

Dan Levy played the hilarious David Rose in the Schitt’s Creek cast, the only son of the Rose family who had grown used to his lavish lifestyle before taking up a residence in the small town. Co-creator of the series with his father Eugene Levy, Dan has gone on to have continued success in the wake of his time on Schitt’s Creek.

In 2020, he acted in the holiday rom-com Happiest Season alongside Kristen Stewart. He has also done voice work on the series Q-Force. Some of his most recent credits include The Idol and Sex Education.

Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose

Catherine O'Hara in 2015 and 2023
2015 / 2023Getty

Beloved for her roles in movies like Home Alone (1990) and Penelope (2006), Catherine O’Hara has been showing her skills on the screen for decades. Taking on the role of the one-of-a-kind ex-soap opera star Moira Rose, a role for which she won an Emmy, no one could have played the part as hilariously as she did.

With her signature voice and iconic ensembles, O’Hara brought this character to life with a flair like no other. Since her time on the show, she has done voice acting work on shows like The Last Kids on Earth, Central Park and The Kids in the Hall. She has also acted in the 2023 film Pain Hustlers.

Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose

Annie Murphy in 2015 and 2023
2015 / 2023Getty

“I’m a little bit Alexis!” Annie Murphy brought the character of Alexis to life, the hilarious sister of David who desperately hung on to the glamour of her old life despite her new digs. Since her time as Alexis, Murphy has appeared in a number of popular television series including Murderville, Russian Doll, Crank Yankers and Black Mirror. Her most recent part was in Fingernails (2023).

Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd

Emily Hampshire in 2015 and 2023
2015 / 2023Getty

Emily Hampshire‘s dry humor and deadpan delivery as motel employee turned owner Stevie Budd made her a fan favorite. Her character’s close friendship with Dan Levy’s David was another thing viewers loved to watch, as their dynamic was truly one-of-a-kind.

Since her time as Stevie came to an end, she’s acted in series like Chapelwaite, Slip, and The Rig, as well as movies like The Mattachine Family (2023), Fitting In (2023), Self Reliance (2023) and The End of Sex (2022).

Noah Reid as Patrick Brewer

Noah Reid in 2018 and 2022 schitt's creek cast
2018 / 2022Getty

Noah Reid played David’s business partner turned husband on the series, and to this day, we still tear up over his romantic rendition of Tina Turner’s “The Best.” Since his time on Schitt’s Creek, he’s acted in The Archivists (2020) and the series Outer Range. He also made his debut on Broadway in 2022 in The Minutes. Reid also enjoys a successful music career, his most recent album being 2022’s Adjustments.

Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt

Chris Elliott in 2015 and 2018 schitt's creek cast
2015 / 2018 Getty

Playing the comical Roland Schitt, Chris Elliott brought this hilarious character to life and has continued acting since the show’s conclusion in series like The Shivering Truth, Maggie and Agent Elvis. He’s also done work in films like Welcome to Redville (2023) and Christmas vs. The Walters (2021). Prior to his time on Schitt’s Creek, Elliott had an extremely successful career in the comedy sphere, appearing in numerous sketches on Late Night with David Letterman.

Jennifer Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt

Jennifer Robertson in 2015 and 2022 schitt's creek cast
2015 / 2022Getty

Jennifer Robertson portrayed the good-intentioned local Jocelyn Schitt, married to Chris Elliott’s Roland Schitt. Since her time as Jocelyn, Jennifer Robertson can be seen in the series Ginny and Georgia, as well as numerous films including Single All the Way (2021), Crawlspace (2022), Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between (2022) and In Merry Measure (2022).

Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands

Sarah Levy in 2016 and 2023 schitt's creek cast
2016 / 2023Getty

Twyla was played by Eugene Levy’s real-life daughter and Dan Levy’s real-life sister Sarah Levy. Since Schitt’s Creek, she’s also found success on TV in series like SurrealEstate and The Holiday Shift, with appearances on All Rise and United We Fall.

Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens

Dustin Milligan in 2015 and 2022 schitt's creek cast
2015 / 2022Getty

Dustin Milligan played Alexis’ on-again-off-again boyfriend throughout the series. The kind-hearted veterinarian was loved by fans for his sweet, puppy-dog demeanor, and Dustin Milligan has continued his work on the screen. He’s had a recurring role on Rutherford Falls and has done voice work on L’Agent Jean. He’s also appeared in films like Mack & Rita (2022) and The People We Hate at the Wedding (2022).

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