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‘Mr. Mom’ Cast: A Look at the Stars of the Ultimate ’80s Role-Swapping Comedy

Catch up with Michael Keaton, Teri Garr and more stars of the John Hughes-penned classic!

With its story of a newly unemployed man who becomes a stay-at-home dad, upending traditional gender roles and facing comical struggles as he learns a thing or two about both himself and the many challenges moms face in the process, Mr. Mom was a 1983 hit that remains a comedy classic today.

The movie was a success thanks to charming performances from Michael Keaton and Teri Garr and a simultaneously funny and poignant screenplay by none other than ’80s cinematic icon John Hughes. Hughes didn’t direct the film, saying that he was reluctant to work in Hollywood and “and get all chewed up,” but his signature spot-on social observation and mix of humor and heart definitely come through.

Here’s a look at the hilarious Mr. Mom cast over four decades after the film was released.

Michael Keaton as Jack Butler

Michael Keaton as Jack Butler
Left: 1983; Right: 2024Getty

CHARACTER PLAYED: Jack Butler, a Detroit automotive engineer who becomes a stay-at-home dad for his three young children after losing his job.

BORN: September 5, 1951, in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania

BEST KNOWN FOR: Beetlejuice (1988), Batman (1989), Birdman (2014), Spotlight (2015), The Founder (2016)

PERSONAL: Michael Keaton is divorced from actress Caroline McWilliams. Their son, Sean Douglas, is a songwriter.

THOUGHTS ON MR. MOM: In a contemporary interview, Keaton explained that he experienced a case of art imitating life during Mr. Mom, saying, “My wife was pregnant during the filming of Mr. Mom, so the movie was good practice for me.”

Teri Garr as Caroline Butler

Teri Garr as Caroline Butler: Mr. Mom Cast
Left: 1983; Right: 2015Getty

CHARACTER PLAYED: Caroline Butler, Jack’s wife who decides to go back to work following his job loss.

BORN: December 11, 1944, in Lakewood, Ohio

BEST KNOWN FOR: Young Frankenstein (1974), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), Oh, God! (1977), Tootsie (1982), After Hours (1985)

PERSONAL: Teri Garr has a daughter, Molly O’Neill, with her ex-husband, John O’Neill. Sadly, Garr announced she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2002, and she’s been retired from acting since 2011.

THOUGHTS ON MR. MOM: Garr said she was not surprised that one of her most successful movies was Mr. Mom, a story about gender role reversal and breaking stereotypes of appropriate male and female behavior.

As she put it in an interview, “People are ready for that. I resent it when they write the part of a woman who’s just a sexy femme fatale who seduces people to get her way, perpetrating the myth that that’s how woman have to operate, instead of using their brains or their wit.”

Martin Mull as Ron Richardson

Martin Mull as Ron Richardson
Left: 1983; Right: 2018Getty

CHARACTER PLAYED: Ron Richardson, the head of the advertising company Caroline works at.

BORN: August 18, 1943, in Chicago, Illinois

BEST KNOWN FOR: Clue (1985), Roseanne (1991-1997), Jingle All the Way (1996) Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1997-2000), Two and a Half Men (2008-2013)

PERSONAL: Martin Mull has been married three times. He has been married to musician Wendy Haas since 1982, and they have a daughter, Maggie Mull, who is a producer.

THOUGHTS ON MR. MOM: Looking back at his long career, which has included TV shows, movies, music and art, the multitalented star said, “if you stay in the business and you reach a certain age, which I have by simply still breathing, you are now a legend — because you made it through.”

Ann Jillian as Joan

Ann Jillian as Joan: Mr. Mom Cast
Left: 1983; Right: 2022Getty

CHARACTER PLAYED: Joan Hampton, Caroline’s friend who tries to seduce Jack.

BORN: Ann Jura Nauseda on January 29, 1950, in Cambridge, Massachusetts

BEST KNOWN FOR: Babes in Toyland (1961), It’s a Living (1980-1986), Mae West (1982), Alice in Wonderland (1985), Ann Jillian (1989-1990)

PERSONAL: Ann Jillian has been married to Andy Murcia since 1977, and they have a son, Andrew Murcia. Jillian was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 35 in 1985, and became an advocate for research and prevention. She has been retired from acting since 2000.

THOUGHTS ON MR. MOM: When asked what it was like acting in the Mr. Mom cast, Jillian said, “Great fun. First of all, I got to wear a wig! Michael Keaton had that unique quality… Everything around him, he could make funny. He would pick up an inanimate object and say something or do something with it. He had everybody in stitches all the time.”

Jeffrey Tambor as Jinx Latham

Jeffrey Tambor as Jinx Latham
Left: 1983; Right: 2018Getty

CHARACTER PLAYED: Jinx Latham, Jack’s supervisor at work.

BORN: July 8, 1944, in San Francisco, California

BEST KNOWN FOR: The Larry Sanders Show (1992-1998), There’s Something About Mary (1998) Arrested Development (2003-2019), Hellboy (2004), Transparent (2014-2017)

PERSONAL: Tambor has been married to his second wife, Kasia Ostlun, since 2001. He has five children. In 2018, he made headlines when he was accused of harassment.

THOUGHTS ON MR. MOM: When asked about how his best roles, the Mr. Mom cast among them, have come together, Tambor said, “It’s chemistry and also confidence. Because you see the others, and it just brings up your confidence level. Acting is not only what you send, but what you receive.”

Christopher Lloyd as Larry

Christopher Lloyd as Larry: Mr. Mom Cast
Left: 1983; Right: 2024Getty

CHARACTER PLAYED: Larry, Jack’s coworker who also loses his job.

BORN: October 22, 1938, in Stamford, Connecticut

BEST KNOWN FOR: Taxi (1978-1983), Back to the Future (1985), Clue (1985), Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), The Addams Family (1991)

PERSONAL: Christopher Lloyd has been married five times. He has been married to Lisa Loiacono, a former real estate agent, since 2016.

THOUGHTS ON MR. MOM: Looking back on his many classic roles including the Mr. Mom cast, Lloyd said, “It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of something that means so much to so many people and that just keeps thriving.”

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