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Courteney Cox Has Called and the ‘80s Answered! Watch Her Viral Dance Challenge Video

The sitcom actress jumped on the latest dance trend and put a fun Bruce Springsteen twist on it

The TikTok trend known as the ‘80s dance challenge has a new leading star! Friends icon Courteney Cox is going viral for her take on the widespread fad where kids ask their parents, “How would you dance to this song in the ‘80s?” and is leaving fans even more impressed with her chops than before. Keep scrolling to watch the viral video, learn about the trend and more!

Courteney Cox’s ‘80s dance challenge viral video

Cox took to social media on June 9 with her spin on the ‘80s dance challenge. In the video, she was standing in her living room in a pair of jeans and a zip-up hoodie, and included the caption, “Asking my mom how she danced in the ‘80s.” The trend’s accompanying song, Bronski Beat’s “Smalltown Boy,” started playing, but Cox quickly proved she had something else in mind.

After shaking her head unapprovingly, Cox removed her hoodie and exposed a shirt identical to the one she wore while dancing on stage with none other than Bruce Spingstreen – back in the music video that dropped in the ‘80s! The song quickly turned to that of the hitmaker’s “Dancing in the Dark,” with Cox proving that she has the decade’s trend on lock.

Cox not only dusted off her moves from way back when, but showed fans that she still has what it takes to hit the ‘80s dancefloor. The actress’ video concluded with a clip of her and Springsteen mirroring each other’s moves in front of a massive crowd, and fans quickly ran to the comment section to sing Cox’s praises.

“I remember this vividly….. You became the envy of every Bruce Springsteen lover in America!” one commenter noted, while another added, “Best one of these!!”

Celebrities like Jennifer Garner even chimed in, with the 13 Going On 30 star writing, “You win!” Julianne Moore left a series of clapping emojis in the comment section, while Patricia Arquette added, “Kids still got it.” Of course, a number of fans alluded to “The Routine” – a Friends classic moment shared between Cox’s Monica Geller and David Schwimmer’s Ross Geller. Hopefully lovers of the Scream actress will see a reenactment of “The Routine” sooner rather than later!

Cox didn’t enjoy wider commercial success until the 1990s, and Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video was actually one of her first professional jobs. She recalled getting the job – even though she wasn’t a professional dancer or performer – due to her authenticity, which won over director Brian De Palma at the time.

“I got the job because I was so nervous and embarrassed,” Cox said on an episode of The Off Camera Show. “I didn’t want to dance in front of 30,000 people. … It was a full concert and we did the song twice, back-to-back. II spent a lot of time talking about what Bruce Springsteen was really like after that video. It got me in the door to so many places.”

Cox would land the role of a lifetime on Friends in 1994.

Watch the full viral video here:

What is the ‘80s TikTok dance challenge and why is it viral?

TikTok is known for putting a number of dance trends into the internet space, but the ‘80s dance challenge has a unique hold on the platform. Unlike previous dance challenges that have remained close to the young demographic dominating TikTok, the ‘80s trend has encouraged young people to get their parents and grandparents involved.

The trend is rather simple: kids ask the older generations in their life, “How would you dance to this song in the ‘80s?” and the aforementioned Bronski Beat classic track plays. Some parents hit their moves instantly, while others take a little bit of time to warm up. Either way, the end result of the trend has been a collection of nostalgic videos that captures the grooviness of the decade.

Unlike some viral trends that leave room for criticism, the ‘80s dance trend has been welcomed by the masses. Shimmies, sways, Carlton-inspired moves and jazz hands have made their way to the Gen Z-centered social media platform, shaking things up at the very least. If nothing else, the parents taking part in this challenge are clearly unafraid to tap back into their wild and free days, showing their kids that they still got it.

Watch one of the ‘80s TikTok dance challenge videos here:


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