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Jane Seymour Shares Her Keys to Embracing Vibrant Energy

Emmy-winning actress, activist, mom, and grandmother Jane Seymour, 69, reveals her openhearted philosophy to staying serene, joy-filled and energized.

Having just returned from filming for her upcoming project, Glow and Darkness, Jane Seymour strolls through her Malibu garden and catches up with FIRST about the lessons she learned this past year — and her hopes and dreams for the one ahead.

“I learned a lot about myself in 2020,” she says with a smile. “So many things changed because of Covid, from how I spend time with my family to how I exercise, but it’s made me realize that I refuse to live in fear. Life is too short! I’m careful, but still intent on enjoying life.”

For Jane, that outlook — plus a healthy dose of gratitude — will be the key to ushering in a new year full of blessings. “Even in not-so-happy times, I’m thankful for what I have…and for what’s to come!” Here, Jane’s secrets to staying radiant, happy and relaxed all year.

Vibrance Secret: Joyful Movement

A dancer with a history of back problems, Jane’s exercise regimen incorporates her favorite moves while also protecting her back. “I love to dance!” she says. “But I also do careful stretching with Pilates, light weights, and gyrotonics. I add in aerobics by walking up and down steps. A walk along the beach is more difficult, but it’s calming to be near water. I’ve always felt a connection to water-it brings me such joy!”

Radiance Secret: OTC Retinol Cream

“After I shower and exfoliate my skin, I wait until my skin is completely dry, then I apply an over-thecounter retinol cream to my face,” Jane says. “That way it absorbs deeply to smooth wrinkles!”

Boosts Energy: Intermittent Fasting

“I’ve been doing an 8/16 intermittent fast recently where I’ll eat during an 8-hour window during the day, then spend 16 hours fasting — usually overnight,” Jane says. “I have my main meal around lunch and when I have my next meal at 7, I’ll eat berries, raw veggies, or nuts. It gives me tons of energy!” Bonus: Studies have shown intermittent fasting can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes by 20 percent! Jane also takes vitamins to round out her nutrition. “I take vitamin C for an immunity boost, vitamin D-3, omega-3, co-enzyme Q10, and multi, vitamin E, and ginger shots. I’ve added niacin, too, since my doctor said it was good — it really keeps me going!”

Key to Calm: Meditative Doodling

“I’ve been doing a fun thing lately where I close my eyes and with a Sharpie and paper, let the pen go where it wants,” says Jane, who shares the resulting art on Instagram. “Then I open my eyes and turn the paper every which way, coloring it in and turning it into whatever I want. It’s great fun, but the best part is I do it with others on Zoom. Even those who say they don’t know how to do art end up with wonderful pieces and go into this meditative, fun place. Drawing and painting is my real meditation.”

Feeds the Soul: Reminiscing with Loved Ones

Last year was hard, but it taught me so much,” Jane shares. “I found out how much I enjoy connecting with people who I just haven’t had the time to reach out to!” Jane has also found the time to go through many boxes of memorabilia. “I found old love letters from when I was 15 years old! I just spoke with my first husband about them and sent him the letters. My son and his wife were going through and organizing everything. The family got to see what their life is about and about my life when I was their age. We loved every second — it strengthened our bonds!”

This article originally appeared in our print magazine, First For Women.

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