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Denise Austin Talks The Easy, Pain-Relieving ‘Metabolism Miracle’ Women Over 50 Need To Try Today! (EXCLUSIVE)

Beloved for her positive outlook and actionable exercise tips, Denise Austin has been on the fitness scene for more than 40 years. Rising to fame in the ’80s and ’90s with her iconic fitness videos, she became a mainstay in the fitness world. But now, after four decades, she’s much more than that — she’s an inspiration to women of all ages.

Denise attributes exercising, stretching, staying hydrated (and staying optimistic!) as key factors to every woman’s overall wellness. “It’s really all about your positive attitude,” she tells FIRST. “And if you can keep your attitude positive when things get you down, you’ll bounce back quicker from anything.”

Denise also extends her commitment to healthy living — and daily walking — to her current collaboration with Easy Spirit, which includes a wide collection of lightweight fitness sneakers. (Check out the entire collection here.) Here, Denise Austin, who appears on the cover of FIRST for Women‘s current issue (buy your copy here!), opens up about her tried-and-true beauty secrets, go-to metabolism miracles, stress-busters and more.

Denise Austin Q&A First Celeb

First for Women (FFW): You’re always glowing! Do you have any easy at-home beauty secrets or drugstore brands that you’re obsessed with?

Denise Austin: One of my biggest tips that I’ve been following forever is lathering on coconut oil after a shower. When I jump out of the shower, I put extra-virgin coconut oil all over my skin. It’s really nice on my skin because it adds a little sheen, but it’s not too oily. When your skin is wet it moisturizes into the skin more than when you’re dry.

The other thing I’ve done forever is something my mom and grandma taught me to always do: Every single night I take all my makeup off. No matter how tired I am, I make it a point to wash my face really well and I think that’s saved my skin. It’s a simple thing, but I think it always helps to have clean skin before you go to bed because my moisturizer and eye cream can really sink in.

FFW: When it comes to exercising, what is one thing you would like to tell women over 50?

Denise Austin: As we all age, you really need to do some light strength training or any type of resistance training, even more so, to save our bones, to help our muscles work, work miracles on your metabolism.

Metabolism is so important because it slows down naturally as you age, so one of the best ways to combat that and fight the drooping, and the aging is muscles. We have 640 muscles and these muscles will help your posture and your muscle tone — they will help keep everything fit and firm. And it’s healthy to have strong muscles for your bones as well as for your joints!

Denise sporting a pair of her Easy Spirit sneakers on Instagram
Denise Austin says strength training boosts metabolism@deniseaustin / Instagram

FFW: Many of our readers deal with joint and muscle pain, do you have any home remedies or workout tweaks that you rely on for aches?

Denise Austin: One of the things I’ve been doing for self-care is Epsom salt baths. It’s very inexpensive yet it’s very helpful. These soaks are a really good way to ease achiness. A lot of women my age have pains and arthritic issues and this is an easy way to soothe those aches. Another thing that can help is foam rolling. I have really focused on stretching for flexibility as I age and I do believe it’s helped! It can help your cadence and movement and your ability to dance — and everything.

FFW: What is the one thing women over 50 need to do more of?

Denise Austin: Flexibility after 50 is so important. I just don’t think we stretch enough! I would love more women to stretch to feel better. The one area that is important to stretch is your hips. Women’s hips can hold stress and tension and that could lead to tugging on your low spine. And if your hips and your hamstring stay flexible, it keeps your back healthy. So it all works hand in hand and head to toe.

Denise Austin Q&A feat image for digital
Denise Austin and daughter Katie walk the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway in 2022Getty

FFW: Are there any other areas women should focus on when stretching?

Denise Austin: I only stretch for five minutes a day but that’s really all you need! I stretch my quads, I stretch my hamstrings, I do my upper back by doing a beautiful child’s pose to lengthen the spine and the low back. If you could just get in five minutes, you’ll feel better because it opens up those tight areas — especially in your hips!

Your hips get tight from sitting too, so it’s also good to get up and move throughout the day. So every hour on the hour, if I’m sitting writing or working on my magazine or writing my website, I get up and do something. No matter what just get up and move. Standing also burns more calories than sitting.

FFW: In addition to exercise, what are three actionable ways that you relieve stress?

Denise Austin: : You know, besides the stretching — because I really believe in stretching to relieve stress — it is taking deep breaths. I’m a big believer in deep breaths because oxygen is energy!

Walking is good but also just standing up with the best posture ever and doing three deep breaths while doing back arm circles (like you’re swimming backwards) that will open up your chest naturally. So, for me, it’s stretching, walking, deep breathing and then water, water, water! Hydration is key.

"#FlashBackFriday" Denise shares a photo with her husband of 41 years, Jeff Austin on Instagram.
“#FlashBackFriday” Denise shares a photo with her husband of 41 years, Jeff Austin on Instagram.@deniseaustin / Instagram

FFW: What advice do you have for someone who struggles with body confidence?

Denise Austin: For women struggling with body confidence…it’s hard because it really has to come from within. If I’m feeling down, I just try to pick myself up and go. Aging is a blessing — and as you get older there’s this feeling of contentment, accomplishment and satisfaction that comes with it.

It’s all about your positive attitude and if you can keep your attitude positive when things do get you down, you’ll bounce back quicker. And when you accept things that you can’t change, peace will follow.

FFW: What is the best advice you have ever received? And what advice would you give to women?

Denise Austin: The wisest advice I’ve ever gotten is to try to find gratitude every day no matter what. There is always something good to hold onto. Just bringing yourself into the present moment, even if it’s just enjoying the warmth of your morning coffee, that helps.

The greatest gift of advice I want other women to know is that no matter where you are in life, you are worthy. Believe in yourself because you are always worth it. You deserve to look and, more importantly, feel your best.

For even more of Denise’s tips on wellness, happiness and how to age joyfully, pick up this week’s issue of First for Women on newsstands now. Or pick up a copy here. Also, be sure to pick up a copy of Denise’s magazine Fit Over 50 on newsstands or here.

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