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9 Skincare-Infused Makeup Products to Give You an Immediate Glow + Lasting Benefits

Perfect for women over 50

What if we told you you could reduce the number of products on your vanity while nourishing skin and concealing imperfections? Skincare-infused makeup is the latest craze because it can do double duty, saving time, money and precious bathroom counter space.

What is skincare-infused makeup?

mature woman applying skincare makeup

Skincare-infused makeup refers to cosmetic products that contain ingredients typically found in skincare products, such as moisturizers, peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. These makeup products are designed to provide color, coverage and skincare benefits like additional hydration, anti-aging, sun protection or other benefits beyond traditional makeup.

“The concept of skincare-infused makeup is to enhance while also providing long-term benefits,” attests celebrity makeup and brow artist Dani Kimiko Vincent, founder of KIMIKO.

“Makeup is worn for long periods, so using skincare-infused makeup can only benefit the overall health of your skin. I also find that it is much more comfortable to wear than normal makeup,” says celebrity makeup artist Grace Ahn, who worked her makeup magic on Jamie Lee Curtis for the 2024 Oscars.

Ingredients to look for in skincare-infused makeup

If you head to the drugstore or department store cosmetics counter and are curious about skincare-infused makeup but don’t know where to start, here’s what you should look for.

“Depending on the makeup item, I like to see ingredients like sunscreen, hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and nourishing oils on the labels,” says Ahn.

When looking for skincare-infused makeup products, first “think about the concern you’re trying to address. For example, if you find your skin tends to get dry and irritated, then look for ingredients with hydrating properties like hyaluronic acid and ceramides,” explains Vincent.

“If you’re looking to gain new collagen and elastin production, then look for peptides, which support both of these important building blocks of healthy skin and can help reduce fine lines,” she adds.

Vincent advises that antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C, beta-glucan, resveratrol, ginseng extract and green tea can help your skin fight free-radical damage and maintain healthy function when built into your makeup routine.

Lastly, a daily SPF of 30 or more protects the skin from harmful UV damage, the aging it causes and cancer risk — and can be easier to remember when it’s already in a product you use every day. “However, I strongly urge against getting sun protection solely from makeup. This needs to be part of your skincare routine, but if your makeup has some SPF, that’s a great bonus,” she says.

9 best skincare-infused makeup products

skincare and makeup products

To combat under-eye circles and bags

When it comes to under-eye circles and bags, the first thought may be to cover them up. But keeping that area hydrated and using products that help de-puff is essential. “When looking for a skincare-infused product, under-eye concealer comes to mind. I find that a very nourishing concealer looks better and wears much nicer throughout the day. Beauty Pie Superluminous Under-Eye Genius is formulated with sunflower and castor oils, so it is super moisturizing and smoothing,” advises Ahn.

Looking for a budget-friendly alternative? Joah Beauty’s Hydrating Eye Serum Concealer is just $11.99. It depuffs eyes with a combination of ceramides and peptides and covers up those dark circles.

To fill in sparse brows

Brows thin with age (and years of over-plucking), and the hairs in our brows can become coarse and wiry over time, just like the ones on our head. This can be remedied with a super-boosted brow serum. “Some brow products are skincare-infused like KIMIKO’s The Brow Sensei, which contains 14 amino acids, multiple peptides, red clover and ginseng extracts to help nourish brows while styling them and helps encourage growth too,” says Vincent.

Drugstore find: Burt’s Bees makes its own mascara-like version that’s safflower-oil-infused for under $10.

To thicken thin lashes

woman applying mascara

Like brows, the struggle is real when it comes to waning lashes. Lash serums burst onto the scene in 2008, and soon, brands realized they could combine them with mascara, allowing consumers to skip a step. bareMinerals Strength and Length Serum-Infused Mascara contains a plant-based serum that the company says will deliver longer, fuller lashes in 8 weeks.

To diminish fine lines and wrinkles

Celebrity makeup artist Genn Shaugnessy — who has worked with stars like Carrie Underwood — swears by the budget-friendly Flower Beauty Serum Foundation for clients with aging skin. “This is a hydrating buildable coverage foundation infused with an antioxidant serum and olive oil to treat inflammation and make skin glow,” she says. “Since it’s super hydrating, it helps plump up skin and fill in lines and wrinkles.”
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To lift facial features

Blush can create the illusion of lift by strategically placing it higher on the cheeks and blending upwards towards the temples, advises Shaughnessy. “Warm, rosy tones applied to the cheeks can add warmth and brightness to the face, giving the appearance of a healthy flush. This can detract from any sagginess or dullness in the skin, creating the perception of a lifted and more radiant complexion,” she explains. Pixi by Petra allows for easy and precise application and is also vitamin-packed for antioxidant benefits that help smooth and tone skin so it appears more lifted.

To even out skin tone

Evening out ruddy skin is easy with a sheer, nourishing, lightweight foundation. Covergirl’s Clean Fresh Skin Milk contains hydrating coconut milk and aloe extract, allowing your natural skin to shine without covering it up. Shaugnessy is also a fan of ​​Pur Beauty 4-in-1 Tinted Moisturizer with SPF. “This skincare-infused formula plumps, lifts and firms the skin while minimizing redness and blotchiness,” she says.

To plump and hydrate lips

mature woman applying lip balm in mirror

Lips thin with age due to the depletion of the proteins that provide structure, support and elasticity to the skin. Research shows some of the most effective collagen regenerators are peptides — i.e., tiny particles that trick the body into thinking they are broken collagen proteins — which in turn prompts the skin to produce new collagen to repair the “broken” pieces, making peptides a powerful anti-aging ingredient for skin and lips. Supergoop! Lip Shade SPF 30 Hydrating Lipstick uses plant oils and peptides to nourish lips while depositing subtle color with a fresh peppermint scent.

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