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Pink Eyeshadow Is the Makeup Artist Secret for Brighter, Younger-Looking Eyes — Here’s How to Use It

Sure, neutral eyeshadow shades have been a huge trend in recent years, but adding a pop of color onto eyelids can really make eyes standout and sparkle. But don’t think we’re suggesting swiping on blue eyeshadow from the 80s or a crazy neon-colored eyeliner. Instead, think pink! Since pink shades run the gamut, there’s one for everyone — plus, the color can be as subtle or statement-making as you’d like. For help on wearing these hues, we turned to celebrity makeup artists for how to pick your best pink and the pink eyeshadow looks that are sure to flatter you.

How pink eyeshadow is flattering for women over 40

It can be easy to get stuck in the “neutrals only” eyeshadow zone, which can be kind of drab, says Melissa Murdick, celebrity makeup artist with Colourpop. “Using pink tones on the eyes can still look natural, but will bring you more to life.” That’s because pink eyeshadow immediately draws attention to the eyes, making them a focal point of the face. Plus, if it has a hint of shimmer, pink shadows can act as a highlighter for the eyes, making them look wider, brighter and more awake, and create a luminous “lifting” effect to the eyelid.

How to pick the best pink eyeshadow for your skin tone

“When choosing a pink for your skin tone, it’s always safe to find a shade that is around the same depth as your skin,” advise Murdick. She notes that “fair skin tones can try pastel pinks, and the deeper your skin tone is, the deeper the pink you can work with.” Keep reading for the best pink hues for each skin tone.

If you have fair skin: Opt for pale to light pinks and light, peachy pinks. These soft pink shades complement porcelain complexions so you won’t look clownish.

If you have medium skin: Try rose and berry pinks. The warmth in these pink tones complement the underlying warmth in medium skin tones.

If you have dark skin: Choose deep mauve, deep berry and fuchsia pinks. Deeper, richer pink hues standout on deeper skin tones without looking garish.

Tip: Also consider your skin’s undertone when picking pink eyeshadow

Skin undertones are also something to take into account when picking the perfect pink shade. (Click here to learn how to determine your skin undertone.) “It’s also nice to match the undertone of the pink with your skin’s undertone — meaning cool pinks for cool skin tones, warm pinks for warm skin tones,” says Murdick.

If you have warm undertones: “Your pink makeup should have a peach or coral hue to it,” says celebrity makeup artist Jessica Shakir. Besides pinky peach and pinky coral, salmon pinks also meet this criteria.

If you have cool undertones: “Look for pinks with a hint of blue or lavender to flatter your skin,” says Shakir. Pink shades that fit the bill are rose, baby pink, fuchsia and magenta.

If you have neutral undertones: Luckily for you, if you have neutral undertones you can get away with essentially any shade of pink, warm or cool and everything in between.

For more tricks on selecting your perfect shade of pink, watch the below video from @MikaelaCarrizo on YouTube.

6 pink eyeshadow looks for women over 40

If you’re ready to try out a pink eyeshadow look for yourself, keep scrolling to see different ways to wear the eye-catching color.

1. Wake up tired eyes with light, shimmery pink eyelids

Jennifer Connelly wearing a pink eyeshadow look
Jennifer Connelly, 53Getty

You can never go wrong with a shimmery pink eyeshadow all over the lids. This light-medium shade of pink shadow on Jennifer Connelly, above, makes her gorgeous, green eyes standout and dark hair pop. And the shadow’s slight sparkle makes the whites of eyes look brighter, creating a well-rested look even if you didn’t get 8 hours of shuteye.

Get the look: Prime upper eyelids with an eyeshadow primer, like Milani Eyeshadow Primer (Buy from Amazon, $7.97). This ensures the best color payoff and gives shadow something to hold onto so it lasts longer. Next, swipe on a shimmery, light-to-medium pink eyeshadow all over the lid, like Colourpop Jelly Much Gel Eyeshadow in Close to You (Buy from Ulta, $9), stopping at the crease. To really make eyes sparkle, add a dash of shimmery, lighter pink shadow, like Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow in Glazed Donut (Buy from Sephora, $10), in the inner corner.

2. Widen small eyes with this pink eyeshadow look

Kate Mara wearing a pink eyeshadow look
Kate Mara, 40Getty

This pink eyeshadow look is perfect for those with smaller, hooded eyelids that don’t have much visible eyelid space when eyes are open. And adding the color to the lower lash line like on Kate Mara, above, makes the eyes appear two times wider.

Get the look: Apply eyeshadow primer, then reach for a rose-pink eyeshadow, like Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Compact in Bad Seed (Buy from Amazon, $22). Blend the shadow into the crease, then drag down to lower lash line. Next, blend the shadow into both the crease and the lower lash line with a fluffy blending brush, like e.l.f. Fluffy Eye Blender Brush (Buy from Amazon, $5). This will slightly diffuse the shadow so it won’t look harsh.

3. Mask crepey lids with shimmery peachy pink shadow

Jessica Chastain with pink eyeshadow
Jessica Chastain, 46Getty

As mentioned previously, fair skin looks absolutely stunning in pinks with peachy undertones. Take Jessica Chastain, above, whose fair complexion looks glowing with peachy-pink eyelids. What’s more, a light pink shadow with a shimmery finish blurs any imperfections on eyelids like crepey skin to help turn back the clock.

Get the look: After applying eyeshadow primer, pat a pink shadow with peachy hues, like Sephora Colorful Eyeshadow in Hippie Girl (Buy from Sephora, $10), all over the upper eyelid using either a dense eyeshadow brush or your fingertips. Bonus: For some added drama, pair with winged eyeliner.

4. Make dark hair and skin pop with mauve shadow

Angela Basset with pink eyeshadow
Angela Bassett, 65Getty

Darker skin tones and dark hair look gorgeous in pinks that have purple hues and undertones, like mauve, as shown on Angela Bassett above. That’s because mauve has more depth like skin and hair, which ensures features don’t look washed out. Also, in general, keep in mind when you’re working with pink eyeshadow, especially mauve pinks, that they “pair great with neutrals and also plum shades,” adds Murdick to make a statement eye look.

Get the look: Apply eyeshadow primer, then use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a mauve shadow, like MAC Eye Shadow in Girlie (Buy from MAC, $23), and blend all over lid, into crease and slightly above crease. To make eyes appear wider, apply a dab of shimmery, lighter mauve, like NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow in Earthshine (Buy from NARS, $25.40), at the center of the eyelid. Finish with a few coats of mascara like a tubing mascara to volumize lashes.

5. Enhance eye color with an allover pink eyeshadow look

Kate Hudson with a pink eyeshadow look
Kate Hudson, 44Getty

Make a stunning statement with an all-over pink eyeshadow look like Kate Hudson is wearing above. This look is especially great on green eyes. “Pink is an especially flattering shade to bring out hazel and green eyes, says Murdick. Why? “Pink and green are opposite on the color wheel.”

Get the look: Start with a fluffy shadow brush and a matte, rose-colored shadow, like Root Pressed Eyeshadow Pigment in Joan (Buy from Root, $12). Blend the color along the outer crease, stopping around the outer third to middle of eye. Also, dust this shade along the lower lash line, stopping around the outer third to middle of eye. Next, use a denser eyeshadow brush and a light pink, shimmery eyeshadow, like Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Frog (Buy from Colourpop, $7), and starting at where the rose shadow stops, blend into the lid and inner crease toward the inner corner of eye. Tip: Bringing this color above the inner to middle crease as well makes the eyes appear larger and more awake. Then, sweep the remainder of the shadow on the brush along the lower lash line toward the middle where the mauve stops.

6. Lift droopy eyes with a berry-pink eyeshadow look

Jennifer Lopez with a pink eyeshadow look
Jennifer Lopez, 54Getty

This gorgeous, berry-pink eyeshadow look on Jennifer Lopez, above, beautifully complements the warmth in her hair, eyes and hair. Plus, by bringing the color higher up past the crease and toward the brow, the eyes and face appear instantly more lifted.

Get the look: Once eyeshadow primer is applied, use a fluffy blending brush and a berry-colored eyeshadow, like MAC Eyeshadow in Rose Before Bros (Buy from MAC, $23), and blend into the crease. Then, gently blend upward toward the brow, applying any excess shadow above the crease. Tip: Make sure to blend, blend, blend to avoid harsh lines. Next, apply a light pink shadow, like Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in Seashell (Buy from Walmart, $7.25), on the upper eyelid and inner corner. Lastly, sweep a small amount of the berry shadow along the lower lash line. And for added drama and to widen the eyes, apply a pair of false lashes.

The best pink eyeshadow palettes

Why commit to just one shade of pink when you can test out different hues with a pink eyeshadow palette? Eyeshadow palettes are also great if you just aren’t sure what shade of pink will look best on you. Plus, you typically get more bang for your buck with an eyeshadow palette compared to buying individual shadows. Below, see our favorite pink eyeshadow palettes to try out.

Colourpop Lost in Love Shadow Palette

Colourpop Lost in Love Shadow Palette (Buy from Colourpop, $18)

Love brighter pink eyeshadow looks? This Colourpop palette features 12 pigmented shadows ranging from orangey-pink to reddish-pink at an affordable price point.

Morphe Floralisse Power Multi-Effects Palette

Morphe Floralisse Power Multi-Effects Palette (Buy from Ulta, $18)

This soft pink eyeshadow palette is perfect for creating a subtle eye makeup look. It has five shimmery shadows and four matte shadows, so you can mix and match the finishes.

Huda Beauty Matte Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette
Huda Beauty/Sephora

Huda Beauty Matte Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette (Buy from Sephora, $32)

If neutral, matte pink shades are more your speed, then this palette is for you. From light to darker pink tones, the pink eyeshadow looks that can be created are endless!

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Shadow Palette in Provocative
Makeup Revolution/Walmart

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Shadow Palette in Provocative (Buy from Walmart, $7.98)

This palette really has it all when it comes to pink with 15 different shades. And the variety doesn’t just stop at the colors since there’s a mix of both shimmery and matte shadows that help you create your desired eye look.

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