First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - August - Page 2

Sitemap 2017 August - Page 2

  1. This Is Why You Shouldn't Wear The Same Pair Of Shoes Every Day
  2. 3 Easy Tricks to Instantly Appear Slimmer
  3. Here's How to See Who Deleted You On Facebook
  4. Body Shaming Can Damage Your Physical Health, Too
  5. We All Need the Super Strong Vinegar That German Women Use to Clean Their Homes
  6. The Most Surprising Revelations From 'Diana: In Her Own Words'
  7. What to Wear on a Long Flight
  8. Huge Blackheads Being Extracted From an Ear Are So Oddly Captivating
  9. She Lost 78 Pounds in a Year by Using a Weight Loss App
  10. The Weather Channel Is Predicting More Hurricanes Than Normal
  11. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris Announce Separation
  12. How to Tell When That Mole Is Nothing to Worry About — and When to See the Doctor (EXCLUSIVE)
  13. Getting Rid of Fruit Flies is Way Simpler Than You Think
  14. How Your Friendships Change When You Hit Your 30s
  15. Kenny Rogers on Performing for the Last Time With Dolly Parton — "It's Going to Be Very Emotional"
  16. The Evening Rituals And Bedtime Routines Of Leading Female Entrepreneurs
  17. What Happens When You Stop Trying To Be Beautiful?
  18. How Well You Sleep Could Say a Lot About Your Relationship
  19. People Are Freaking out Because Kate Middleton's Knee Apparently Looks Like Casper the Friendly Ghost
  20. Why You Should Ditch Your Copper Mugs for Cocktails
  21. Kelly Ripa Blames Co-Host Ryan Seacrest for Sinking 'Live' Ratings — 'It's Just Been a Real TV Marriage Mismatch'
  22. A Mom Sent the Obamas an Invitation to Her Daughter's Wedding and the Response Is Perfect
  23. Why Are Young Women So Obsessed With Princess Diana?
  24. Celebrity-Recommended Books You'll Totally Want to Add to Your Summer Reading List
  25. At 52, I Crashed a Wedding for Fun—And Everything Was Fine Until I Caught the Bouquet
  26. A Bad Night's Sleep Could Lead to Weight Gain, Study Finds
  27. The 15 Most Telltale Signs You've Turned Into Your Mother
  28. JBS USA Is Recalling 5,000 Pounds of Ground Beef Because They Might Contain Styrofoam
  29. 'Will & Grace' Reboot Will Basically Just Ignore the Show's Series Finale
  30. Apparently, the World Is Still Super Confused About Whether David Schwimmer Played Russ on 'Friends' (LOL!)
  31. The Real Reason Your Clothes Get Tiny Holes and What You Can Do to Stop It
  32. Michelle Carter Sentenced to 15 Months Behind Bars in Texting-Suicide Case
  33. Eric Stonestreet Shares Throwback Photos of the Time He Worked Security at a Garth Brooks Concert
  34. 11 Safety Hazards That Will Make You Want to Dial OSHA
  35. How to Hide Alerts from Annoying Text Messages
  36. Billie Lourd Opens Up About Life After Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' Deaths
  37. The Most Common Reasons Men and Women Avoid Sex
  38. How a Broken Heart Can Affect Your Health
  39. Baby Was Born With His Twin Brother Inside His Stomach
  40. 'My Neighbor Was Secretly Poisoning My Dog'
  41. She Lost 115 Pounds by Using Instagram
  42. Auditioning for 'Survivor,' Getting My First Brazilian Wax, and Other Ways I Learned to Laugh in My 50s
  43. 7 Ways to Enjoy Lemon Curd When You're Craving Something Sweet
  44. August Is Set to Be an Unusually Cold Month, Experts Say
  45. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Follow One Rule to Keep Their Long-Distance Relationship Healthy
  46. 7 Things I Learned When I Tried to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks
  47. You Might Sleep Better By Spending Less Time In Bed
  48. Sunscreen Made From Salmon DNA Acts as ‘Second Skin’ and Shields From Harsh UV Rays
  49. Roller Skates on Heels Are a Thing And They Look an Accident Waiting to Happen
  50. 7 Questions to Ask Yourself When Judging the Strength of Your Marriage
  51. Too Much Sleep Could Be Causing Your Nightmares, Study Suggests
  52. Housewives Are the Most Likely to Cheat
  53. Mom Mistakes a Dead Fly for Her Fake Eyelashes, Tries to Glue It On
  54. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest Embattled in 'Live' Feud Over 'American Idol' — 'She Feels Stabbed in the Back'
  55. The "Miserable Men" of Instagram Perfectly Captures Your Husband's Struggle While You Shop
  56. Queen Elizabeth II Has Four Cocktails a Day, and She Starts Well Before Lunch
  57. Woman Who Faked an Empty Baby Shower Is Annoyingly Unapologetic
  58. Why The Reaction to Drew Barrymore's No Makeup Selfie Is So Frustrating
  59. Prince Charles' Cheating Scandal During Marriage to Princess Diana Made Her 'Fade Physically'
  60. WinIt Wednesday: Win a Hoover REACT Powered Reach Plus Vacuum
  61. Watch This Woman Fit Over 200 Items in One Suitcase
  62. Women Who Have Babies in Their 30s Are More Likely to Live Longer
  63. George Clooney Is The Most Handsome Man in the World, Says Science
  64. What William and Harry Taught Us About Princess Diana in the New Documentary About Her Life
  65. Being a Mom Is the Equivalent of Working 2 Full-Time Jobs, Study Suggests
  66. Teavana Is Closing Down All 372 Stores — Forever
  67. Have You Ever Smacked Your Child? Science Says They’ll Feel the Sting Many Years Later
  68. Mom Says There's 'Something Wrong' With Parents Who Criticize Her for Buying Daughter Skimpy Outfits
  69. Jennifer Lopez Shows Her Support for Marc Anthony as He Mourns the Death of His Mother Ginny
  70. We Agree With Sheryl Sandberg — We Do Need to Start Paying Women Well