First for Women - Sitemap - 2017 - July - Page 1

Sitemap 2017 July - Page 1

  1. Could Your Water Bottle Be Causing Your Weight Gain?
  2. The Mediterranean Diet Improves Your Whole Body
  3. 10 Things You May Not Know About Having a Child With Bipolar Illness
  4. Fran Drescher Says the "Worst Part" of Her Uterine Cancer Diagnosis Was Being Misdiagnosed by Doctors for One Year
  5. The Secret to Drying Your Clothes Quickly
  6. Princess Diana Was Scared She'd Lose Her Boys to the Royal "Establishment" If She Spoke About Her Split From Prince Charles
  7. Germaphobes, Prepare to Cringe: There’s a 1400% Chance Your Birthday Cake Is Covered in Bacteria
  8. Shania Twain Opens Up About Her Ex-Husband's Affair in the Lyrics of Her New Song
  9. Plug In Your Zip Code and Find Out if Your Water is Contaminated
  10. Angelina Jolie Denies Controversial Casting Process for Her Film 'First They Killed My Father'
  11. We Can't Believe This Model Is 50 Years Old
  12. 14 Of The Weirdest Things Ever To Be Sold On eBay
  13. Which Last Name Will Prince George Use at School?
  14. A Total Solar Eclipse Will Happen Aug. 21, So Here's How to Prepare
  15. The Real Reason Your Saran Wrap Isn't Clingy Anymore
  16. New Study Says Men Struggle With Work-Life Balance, Too
  17. Which One Is Better, Cap Wine or Cork Wine?
  18. Angelina Jolie Played a Cruel Game With The Impoverished Children Who Auditioned for Her Movie
  19. 'My 600-lb Life' Star Nikki Webster Drops 450 Pounds and Looks Fabulous
  20. 5 Makeup Tricks to Make Your Skin Look Years Younger
  21. Perdue Is About to Make a Major Change to Its Chicken
  22. Woman Raises Awareness for Unusual Breast Cancer Symptoms by Sharing Graphic Photo to Facebook
  23. Environmental Group Urges Kate Middleton and Prince William Not to Have More Kids
  24. Swearing During Exercise Could Actually Make You Stronger
  25. Woman Gets Candid About Flying While Fat
  26. Raising a Child Who Is Nothing Like You
  27. 7 Natural Ways to Reduce Stress and Prevent Heart Disease
  28. 13 Hilarious Joey Tribbiani Quotes That Perfectly Sum up Life
  29. Restaurant Has One-Drink Policy For Parents Dining With Children
  30. Princess Diana's Grave Has Had Four Attempted Break-Ins
  31. Coca-Cola Is Ditching Coke Zero in Favor of New Coke Recipe
  32. First It Was Cats, Now It's Cannabis Oil?! Olivia Newton-John's New Approach to Cancer Treatment
  33. She Lost More Than 100 Pounds on a Keto Diet and Has Kept Off the Weight for Years
  34. You Can Now Rent Out Chip and Joanne Gaines' Texas Vacation Home
  35. Got High Blood Pressure? Try These Infallible Home Remedies
  36. These Pictures of a Dirty McFlurry Machine Will Haunt Your Dreams
  37. Why You Only Want Starbucks Baristas With Black Aprons to Make Your Drinks
  38. The One Outfit Duchess Kate Must Always Pack, But Hopes Never to Wear
  39. There's a Strange Rumor Going Around That Darlene Conner (aka Sara Gilbert) From 'Roseanne' Died
  40. Here's Everything You Need to Know About Kate Gosselin's Son Collin's Condition
  41. Depressed, Overweight Woman Loses 80 Pounds and Gains Her Life Back
  42. Prince Albert Has Expert Relationship Advice for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  43. Princess Diana’s Brother Dispels Rumors About His 'Incredibly Brave' Late Sister
  44. Diet For A Year To Keep Weight Off For Good, Says Study
  45. Macaulay Culkin's New Look Will Remind You of When He Was Young
  46. Caretaker Who Wears Panda Costume to Nurture Panda Cubs Has the Best Job Ever
  47. Fall Is Going to be Extremely Hot This Year, Experts Say
  48. Flight Attendants Can't Stand It When You Order Diet Coke While Flying
  49. Woman Trying to Kill Bug Only to Burn Down Apartment Is All of Us
  50. Angelina Jolie Candidly Opens up About Her Divorce and Bell's Palsy Diagnosis: "It's Just Been the Hardest Time"
  51. The 3 Best Ways to Look — And Feel — Years Younger
  52. Her Painful Headaches Turned Out to Be a Rare Form of Cancer
  53. The Teletubbies’ Babies Are Here to Give You All Nightmares
  54. If You Kept Your Vintage Pyrex, You Could Be Sitting on a Gold Mine
  55. Just Thinking Of Yourself As Fit Can Help You Live Longer, Study Finds
  56. Why a Giant Land Snail Should Be the Biggest New Pet Trend — Literally
  57. 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wear Panty Liners Every Day
  58. Mom Freaking Out at a New Kids On The Block Concert Is Totally Us
  59. She Said, 'It's Time to Change,' And Lost 200 Pounds in Two Years
  60. Straighten Out Your Linens — The Golden Royal Trio Is Hiring
  61. Charlie Gard's Parents Have Dropped Their Legal Battle
  62. Bush's Baked Beans Are Being Recalled for Defective Cans
  63. Meet Mr. Handsome — a 31-Pound Cat That's Full of Love
  64. Olivia Newton-John's Smiling Through Cancer Treatment Thanks to Cute Cat Videos
  65. In Defense of Caring Less About Your Second Child
  66. Woman Loses 228 Pounds By Walking Every Day
  67. Mom's Facebook Post Is Going Viral After She Admitted to Making Brownies With Breast Milk
  68. Popular Blackhead Removal Trick Is Every Pimple-Popper's Dream
  69. Is Your Dog Moody? Fido Apparently Has a Teen Phase, Too
  70. Calls to Poison Centers Went Up 50 Percent About Dietary Supplements
  71. You're Not Crazy, Coke From McDonald's Really Does Taste Better
  72. Artist Colorfully and Creatively Celebrates Her Stretch Marks
  73. Bindi Irwin Turns 19, and She's Blossomed Into a Beautiful Young Woman
  74. 13 Times Prince George Was a Stylish Little Man
  75. Potato, Pasta, Chicken — Every Kind of Salad Recipe to Try This Summer
  76. This Brain Teaser Looks Easy, But When You Look More Closely at the Fruit, You'll Realize Why Everyone's Stumped
  77. A Simple Blood Test Could Determine Your Chances of Miscarrying
  78. 3 Unexpected Reasons You Can't Sleep — And the Natural Remedies That Can Help
  79. Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches? One Newspaper Says No
  80. 4 Face Exercises to Get a Natural Facelift Without Surgery
  81. This Is What You Call a Single Strand of Spaghetti
  82. People Are Returning Rocks Picked Up from This Famous Park for Creepiest Reason
  83. They Met at a Funeral and Had a Whirlwind Courtship. But People Just Can't Stop Judging Their Marriage
  84. When You Find Out Who This Young Stud Posing with His Mom Is, You'll Be FLOORED
  85. Devoted Son Always Brings His Mom Snacks in Bed, But He Can't Help But Share Her Strange Reaction Every Time
  86. 5 Choices You Will Regret in 5 Years (If Not Sooner)
  87. Blake Shelton Was About to Go Onstage for a Concert. Then a Staffer Realized Something Was Off About Him
  88. No One Can Tell if This Is a Photo of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks
  89. This Is Hands Down the Absolute Worst Airplane Seat Neighbor
  90. New App Will Give You a $15 Starbucks Gift Card for Dining Out
  91. Natural Cures for Mosquito Bites and Other Summer Skin Woes
  92. 34 Times Kate Middleton Channeled Princess Diana's Sense of Style
  93. Genius Cleaning Hacks That Actually Come in Handy
  94. The Most Sought After Airbnb Is Right Here in the U.S. — and It's Not Even a House
  95. Tips and Tricks to Help You Keep Everything Sparkling Clean This Summer
  96. Why Your Adult Children Still Blame You When Something Goes Wrong
  97. If You Can Spot This House's Major Flaw, You'll Realize Something the Architects Didn't
  98. Iconic "Little House on the Prairie" Cabin Is Getting a Whole New Look
  99. Kate Middleton Has Been Sneakily Upgrading Her Style Right in Front of Our Eyes
  100. America's Richest Self-Made Woman Earned Her Title by Making Pizza
  101. "Lego Dad" Parenting Struggles Are Funny Because They're True
  102. HomeSense Is HomeGoods' New Spinoff Store, and We're Way Too Excited
  103. 3 Months Into Remission, Shannen Doherty Feels "Blessed"
  104. 12 Motherhood Lessons You Wish Someone Had Told You When Your Kids Were Little
  105. 7 Million Pounds of Sabrett Hot Dogs Recalled Over Bone and Cartilage Fragments
  106. How to Deflate Pool Toys in Seconds
  107. How Martha Stewart Manages to Make 75 Look 45
  108. Boost Your Energy With These 6 Superfoods
  109. Did You Catch the Hidden Meaning in the Royal Family's Tour Outfits?
  110. How to Be More Productive and Make Early Mornings Less Miserable
  111. Baby Monitor Captures Vertically Challenged Grandma Falling Headfirst Into the Crib
  112. Mom Figures Out How to Get Young Kids to Stop Interrupting
  113. The Ideal Age Gap for Happy Couples Answers Why Many Marriages End in Divorce
  114. How to Boost Your Mood In Just 5 Seconds
  115. If You're Unlucky in Love, It May Be That You're Just Too Smart
  116. Her Hairstylist Spotted a Mark on Her Head and Saved Her Life
  117. Apple Announces 56 New Emojis and the List Finally Includes Redheads
  118. 4 Money Matters That Couples Should Agree On
  119. 15 Divorce Quotes for Comfort During the Tough Times
  120. 3 Easy Tricks to Avoid Thyroid-Related Weight Gain
  121. How to Lose Belly Fat Without Feeling Hungry
  122. New One-Time Cancer Treatment Could Save Thousands of Lives
  123. How to Tame Your Inner Hoarder
  124. I've Raised a Houseful of Millenials, and They All Think I'm Out of Touch
  125. What's the Difference Between Ice Cream and Gelato?
  126. Ask an Expert: Why Am I Always Hungry?
  127. 3 Smells "Down There" That You Shouldn't Ignore
  128. Woman Lost 27 Contacts In Her Eye and Makes Us Swear By Glasses Forever
  129. Your Diet Could Be Causing Your Anxiety
  130. Step Aside, There's a New Generation of Young Royals Ready for the Throne
  131. A Chocolate Fudge Cake That's as Easy as It Is Mouthwatering
  132. This Coconut Dessert Is Simple and Delicious
  133. 9 Ways to Avoid Rookie Online Dating Mistakes
  134. The Vatican Says No to Gluten-Free Communion Wafers Because They're Offensive
  135. The Weird But Seriously Effective Way to Banish Foot Stink
  136. Jillian Michaels' "Busy Mom Circuit" Is the Only Summer Workout You Need!
  137. The One Tiny Thing You Need for a House That's Always Tidy
  138. This Little-Known Country Music Love Story Is the Absolute Cutest Thing We've EVER Heard!
  139. Study Says Your Pet Is Actually a Great Judge of Character
  140. Michael Bublé's Wife Shares First Photo of Son Since His Cancer Diagnosis
  141. Fitness Mogul Richard Simmons Turns 69
  142. The 9 People You'll Meet at Every Job
  143. Women Are Making DIY Pregnancy Tests With Toothpaste and Urine
  144. 13 Things You Only Understand If You're From The Midwest
  145. He Didn't Brush His Teeth for 20 Years, But Today He Has a Brand New Smile
  146. John Goodman's Weight Loss Journey Is Quite Impressive — See the Pics!
  147. Kathy Bates Opens Up About Her Secret Cancer Battle and the Side Effect She Wishes More People Knew About
  148. Real Estate Image Goes Viral After Internet Spots Unexpected Photobomber
  149. No Sane Adult Would Ever Put Ketchup on a Hotdog, Says National Hot Dog Council
  150. How I Failed at Online Dating on the Very First Try
  151. 11 Celebrities Who Probably Hated Their First Job as Much as We Did
  152. CEO Has Best Response to Employee's Request for a "Mental Health Day," Women Everywhere Applaud
  153. 10 Dramatic 'Fixer Upper' Living Room Transformations That'll Make You Want to Move to Waco, TX
  154. DIY Face Masks That'll Leave You Looking Younger
  155. Add 7 Years to Your Life...In Less Than 30 Minutes a Day
  156. 10 Weird Things That Supposedly Make Your Hair Grow Faster
  157. This Is What It's Like to Become a Grandma Before You're Ready
  158. Starbucks Is Giving Away Free Drinks — Here's How to Get Them
  159. Treat Yourself to a Classic, Blueberry, or Tequila Mojito — You Deserve It!
  160. Reddit User Asked Internet When They Realized They Were Getting Old, and Answers are Moving, Brutally Honest, and Downright Hilarious
  161. Why the Dad Bod Is the Hottest Bod
  162. 27 Things You Never Knew About Queen Elizabeth II
  163. Say What?! The iPhone Had a Mouse All Along
  164. Spot the Difference: Ryan Gosling vs. German Doppelganger Edition
  165. Duchess Camilla's Pre-Birthday Party Was All About 70
  166. Wife Tells Husband Puppy Is Jack Russell, But Then Dog Grows Into Its True Breed
  167. The Veggie Add-in That Slims
  168. This Beautiful Home Renovation Will Make You Want to Put Shiplap Everywhere
  169. Prevent Sun Damage with This Sip
  170. Tim McGraw's Shirtless Fishing Pic Will Make You Say 'What Fish?'
  171. What Women in the Sandwich Generation Often Miss About Their Own Happiness
  172. Her Son Won an Award for Perfect Attendance But She Wouldn't Let Him Accept It
  173. Kermit the Frog Gets New Voice After Nearly Three Decades
  174. Have that Second (or Third) Cup of Coffee—It Could Add Years to Your Life
  175. Man Holds Back Sneeze, Ruptures Throat
  176. 3 Steps to Keeping Makeup Brushes Super Clean on the Cheap
  177. Paula Jones From 'My 600 Lb. Life' Has Kept Off the Weight and She's Never Looked Happier
  178. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and More Celebrities You Didn't Know Are Related to Former US Presidents
  179. New Study Can Determine Your Facebook Personality
  180. Harper Beckham Celebrates Birthday at Buckingham Palace and Looks Like a Real Princess
  181. Is Your Nose to Blame for Weight Gain?
  182. What Jaclyn Smith Does to Make 71 Look 41
  183. Woman Loses Half Her Body Weight By Cutting Two Foods Out of Her Diet
  184. 10 Ear Wax Removal Videos That Are Gross But Weirdly Satisfying
  185. Kids’ Thoughtful Gift Makes Mom Want To Burn The House Down
  186. Jaclyn Smith from 'Charlie's Angels' Still Looks Absolutely Timeless
  187. Ryan Gosling Is Said to Be Playing a Young Willy Wonka in Upcoming Prequel
  188. If You Have Endometriosis, You're Not Alone — Dolly Parton, Susan Sarandon, and Whoopi Goldberg Live with It, Too
  189. An Expert Reveals How to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger
  190. Making It to the Lake, and Other Challenges of Helping Your Daughter During Divorce
  191. Nothing Could Cure This Woman’s Debilitating Migraines Until a Doctor Recommended an Out-of-the-Box Treatment
  192. A Diet Pill for Menopausal Women Is on the Way, Scientists Say
  193. Tony Danza Makes 65 Look Good By Eating the Same Thing for Breakfast
  194. Here's How You Can Have a Stress-Free Summer
  195. How to Cut Onions Without Crying
  196. Miranda Lambert Proves She's Over Blake Shelton, Once and For All
  197. How to Get a Good Night's Sleep Even When It's Blistering Hot Outside
  198. Jenna Bush Hager Wishes Her Father a Happy Birthday in Adorable Throwback Photo
  199. Mom Photoshops "Piercing" on Her Infant, and Gets Exactly the Reaction She Wants
  200. When a Stranger Called Her Wedding Ring ‘Pathetic’ This Newlywed Just Couldn’t Stay Silent. Now Her Response Has Women Everywhere Cheering