First for Women - Sitemap - 2016 - August - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 August - Page 1

  1. Shannen Doherty Opens Her Hospital Room To Her Fans With These Heartbreaking Chemotherapy Photos
  2. 6 Brothers Talking About Their Baby Sister's First Year Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever
  3. 15 Celebrities With Incredibly Striking Eyes
  4. 15 Delicious Recipes That Prove You Should Start Buying Chicken THIGHS
  5. Utah Woman Left Infertile After Brain Tumor Goes to Hospital with Seizures, Stuns Doctors
  6. 12 Insanely Delicious Recipes That Use Up the Buttermilk You've Been Ignoring
  7. 26 Best Cake Recipes for Chocoholics
  8. Dad Had Problems With His Vasectomy. But He Had Some Big News For His Wife
  9. This Photo of a Middle Schooler With Autism Eating Lunch at School Is Taking the Internet By Storm Today
  10. Dad Catches Couple Staring at His Son in Cracker Barrel, Gets Mysterious Note on His Dashboard
  11. 46 S'mores That Are Beyond Brilliant AND Delicious
  12. 45 Pasta Salad Recipes That Will Make You the Envy of the Cookout
  13. 44 Potato Salad Recipes That Will Rule the Potluck
  14. Girl Wears Leggings to Class, School Cracks Down in Humiliating Way
  15. 12 Funny Pics of Kids Caught Doing Mischief
  16. 19 Times Princess Diana Was Overjoyed, and We Smiled Along with Her
  17. Couple Got Mysterious Box as Wedding Gift, Only Dared Open It 9 Years Later
  18. 16 Rotisserie Chicken Recipes That Make Meals BEYOND Easy
  19. After He Died, Family Was Shocked to Discover This Janitor Was Secret Millionaire
  20. 16 30-Minute Meals That Get You Back to Your Beloved Couch Faster
  21. 31 Ideas for Dessert Pizza That Take the Pie to New Heights
  22. 26 Best Brownies for Chocoholics
  23. Remember Gene Wilder With 5 Famous Quotes From 'Willy Wonka'
  24. 12 Fall Desserts That Make It Oh So Easy to Say Goodbye to Summer
  25. 12 Pictures Guaranteed to Make You Smile Today
  26. Elderly Woman Was Ashamed of Her Hands, So Her Manicurist Wouldn't Let Her Pick Her Own Nail Color
  27. Mom Is Convinced Restaurant Will Kick Them Out After Son's Epic Meltdown. Then Waitress Brings Note
  28. Two Year Old's Over-the-Top Alphabet Song Rendition Makes Her a Viral Star
  29. Wife Didn't Want to Do a Maternity Shoot, So Husband Volunteers Himself Instead
  30. She Almost Died in Childbirth and Blamed Her Weight. Then, She Transformed Herself
  31. 12 Peanut Butter Recipes That Let You Devour the Spread Morning, Noon, and Night
  32. Almost 3 Months After Losing His Black Lab, Dr. Oz Introduces His Newest Family Member
  33. Dad Hears Noise in the Middle of the Night and Finds His 5-Year-Old Daughter Looking for a Towel
  34. When Asked for Career Advice, Mike Rowe Shares No-Nonsense Secret He Finally Learned from 'Dirty Jobs'
  35. The Child I Was Nannying Confessed a Devastating Secret She Wouldn't Tell Her Parents
  36. The Girl I Was Nannying Was Throwing Up from Academic Pressure. Then, I Confessed My Own Secret
  37. You Won't Be Able to Handle the Joy of This Boy Reacting to His Parents' Twin Pregnancy News
  38. Police Officer Arrests Driver on a DUI, Is Shocked at the State of Tiny Passenger
  39. 12 Funny Photos of Kids Who Were Not Excited For Picture Day
  40. 'Days of Our Lives' Star Kassie DePaiva Reveals Upsetting Diagnosis
  41. Prince William Has Heartwarming Message for Teen Who Lost His Mother
  42. 11 Canned Tuna Recipes That Will Make Run to You Stock the Pantry
  43. Woman Saw 7 Pit Bulls Come Toward House, But Fearless Cat Knew What to Do
  44. 11 Ground Turkey Recipes That You'll Absolutely Gobble Up
  45. She Lost 100 Pounds, But Still Had Sagging Skin. And Her Confession About It Has Women Everywhere Applauding
  46. Mom Was Mortified When Kids Melted Down at Trader Joe's. Then This Woman Made Her Day
  47. When Teen Son Slammed His Bedroom Door, Genius Parents Taught Him a Lesson
  48. 12 Hilarious Photos of Kids Trying New Foods That They Hate
  49. 32 Celebrities and Their Shocking Famous Godchildren
  50. Nurse Sensed Teen Was Sicker Than Anyone Knew, Girl Finds Her Again 10 Years Later
  51. Holy Cuteness! Watch The Rock Play Ever-so-Gently with His Baby Daughter
  52. 11 Baked Chicken Recipes That Will Make You Actually Look Forward to the Work Week
  53. No More Insulin Shots! This Pill Makes Managing Diabetes So Much Simpler
  54. This 1970s Toddler Looks So Familiar, But His Real Identity Is Turning Heads
  55. Shannen Doherty Mustered Up the Courage to Go to Cheesecake Factory, Was Greeted With Unprecedented Bill
  56. College Student Was Annoyed by Crying Baby in Library. Then, Dad Gives Brutally Honest Explanation That Silences the Woman
  57. Miranda Lambert's Concert Marriage Proposal Is Caught on Camera, and She Said 'Yes'
  58. Mom Goes into Labor on 30th Birthday, Gives Birth to a One-in-48-Million Baby
  59. 13 Most Unexpected Places People Have Gotten Married
  60. Celine Dion Learns Another Family Member Is Battling Cancer
  61. When Her Struggling Network Wanted to Lay Off Workers, Katie Couric Sacrificed Salary to Save Staff
  62. Mother and Daughter Packed So Much for College, They Unknowingly Swiped a Bag Off the Street
  63. Miranda Lambert Is Handed a Mysterious Piece of Paper on Stage, and Then Stops Her Concert Cold
  64. When Her College-Bound Son Was Sad to Leave His Dog Behind, Bold Mom Had a Big Surprise For Him
  65. 7-Year-Old Writes Her Name in Cursive, Teacher Sends Back Mortifying Note
  66. Second-Grade Teacher Refuses to Give Homework in Letter That's Talk of the Internet
  67. 12 Funny Pics of Babies Posing Like Professional Models
  68. Owners Think Pup Just Has Bad Stomachache, But Even Vets Are Shocked by What X-ray Turns Up
  69. This Is What It's Like When Your Mom Is Incapable of Showing Unconditional Love--and How You Forgive Her for It
  70. When I Was in My 40s, My Childhood Memories Gave Me Panic Attacks--Until I Learned the True Meaning of Forgiveness
  71. Rita Wilson Shares Revealing Selfie of Herself with Hubby Tom Hanks and It's the Talk of Hollywood
  72. Tennessee Mom Gives Birth to EXTREMELY Heavy Set of Triplets
  73. Woman Sneaks Unlikely Pet into Kroger's, Gets Away With It Thanks to Clever Camouflage
  74. Tim McGraw Is Getting a LOT of Attention For a New Steamy Photo He Posted of Faith Hill
  75. Stranger Pays for Grieving Woman's Groceries. Then, Her Daughter Tracks Him Down at His Job
  76. Anxious Mom Struggles with Hungry Toddler at Baseball Game. Then Stadium's Usher Got Involved
  77. Little Dog Can't Get Down Steps, But Its Olympic Style Moves Will Make You Laugh
  78. Doctors Tell Woman Pregnancy Could Risk Her Life, so Mom-in-Law Steps in With Selfless Act
  79. A Relaxing Soak in the Tub Will Burn More Calories Than a 30-Minute Walk
  80. Kelly Clarkson's Baby Is Adorable, But It's His Mom's Makeup-Free (Stunning!) Selfie That Has Mothers Cheering
  81. Mom Leaves Young Twins at Steak n Shake Table to Take Son to the Bathroom. Then, Tornado Sirens Blare
  82. After I Turned 40, My Husband Ditched Me for Another Woman. Then I Found Love Online
  83. 12 Recipes from Pinterest To Help Your College Kid Avoid the 'Freshman 15'
  84. Mom of Disabled Child Mistakenly Buys Stolen Minivan, Dealership Tracks Her Down
  85. The Supplement MILLIONS of Women Take Could Be Raising the Risk of Dementia
  86. Photographer's One-in-a-Million Capture Has Everyone in Awe
  87. 14 Things That Happened 30 Years Ago You've Forgotten All About
  88. 'Blessed' Lousiana Man Spends $850 on Brisket for Flood Victims, But Couldn't Find a Place to Park and Cook
  89. Mom Worked Hard to Give Her Son's Friend the Family He Needed, Gets Life-Saving Repayment 34 Years Later
  90. John Stamos's Beloved Dog Has Passed Away
  91. As Daughter Gets Ready for First Day of Middle School, Mom Uses Toothpaste to Teach Lifetime Lesson
  92. Mom Walked In On Daughters Doing What She Does Every Day Before Breakfast--With Someone Else
  93. Michael Phelps Is Giving Up the Olympics Because of His Family
  94. Paramedic Daughter Dies in the Line of Duty, Mom Gets Letter Beyond the Grave
  95. 12 Times the Royal Family Were the Kings and Queens of the Dance Floor
  96. Kate and William Welcome Another Royal Family Member to Their Home
  97. After Autistic Girl Refuses to Remove Old, Tattered Shirt, Her Mother Makes Desperate Plea to Internet Strangers
  98. Woman Publicly Criticized Stranger For Being on the Phone During a Date, But She Didn't Expect His Earth-Shattering Response
  99. Mom Compares First Day of Kindergarten to All Other First Days and It's Got Other Mothers Crying Hallelujah
  100. Jenna Bush Hager Celebrates Daughter Poppy's First Birthday with Sweet New Photo
  101. 12 Times Kate Middleton Perfectly Understood How We All Feel In The Summer Heat
  102. Rob Lowe's 16-Year-Old Dog Has Died
  103. 12 Times Brides Had Wardrobe Malfunctions on Their Wedding Day
  104. Dad With Alzheimer's Is Already Forgetting His Son, But When They Sing in the Car, It Brings Them Back Together
  105. Elderly Veteran's Accident at Kroger Brings Shoppers and Staffers Together to Preserve His Dignity
  106. Prince George and Princess Charlotte Will Join Their Parents on a Royal Family Trip to Canada
  107. Sleeping Naked May Be the Best Way to Blast Through Belly Fat
  108. Groundbreaking New Shot Can Cure Knee Pain--and Make Climbing Stairs a Breeze Again
  109. Dr. Oz's Latest Vacation Photo Will Help You Get Over Your Monday Blues
  110. 11 Times Kate Middleton Accessorized to Perfection
  111. 15 Funny Back-to-School Photos all Parents Will Understand
  112. Mom of 5 Poses for Hilarious Back-to-School Photos, Wins the Internet Today
  113. Hey, Moms of Sons. The Burden’s Also on You to Keep My Daughter Safe from Rape
  114. 12 Dessert Nachos So Good You Won't Even Miss the Cheese
  115. See Princess Diana and Prince Charles During Their Hands-On Caribbean Vacation
  116. Mary Lou Retton Couldn't Play Dolls With Her Baby Daughters. Now, She's Opening Up About the Heartbreaking Reason
  117. Selfless Mom Makes Incredible Sacrifice So Other Babies Can Thrive--Even If Her Severely Ill Child Did Not
  118. We Shook Up the Earthquake Cake with a Deliciously Rich and Creamy Spin That Will Rock Your World
  119. Hugh Grant Just Revealed He Does a Dance Routine Every Morning and Night with His Kids
  120. Book Turns Man's Life Around, So He Asks Author to Be a Bridesmaid
  121. It's the 25th Anniversary of 'Hook'! See the Lost Boys' Then and Now
  122. Ferry Passengers Spot Dog Swimming By Herself in the Ocean, But Can't Rescue Pooch on Their Own
  123. EVEN More Macy's Stores Are Shutting Down Than the Department Store Chain Thought Back in January
  124. Here's What Sizes Old Hollywood Celebs Wore Then--and the Crazy Numbers They Translate to Today
  125. 11 Sets of Celebrity Twins Then and Now
  126. Watch This Premature Baby Wriggle Inside Sac After Extremely Rare Birth
  127. 18 Peach Pie Recipes That Will Make You Want to Move to the South
  128. Grief-Stricken Widower Receives Shameless Condolence Card from Brazen Realtors
  129. 12 Then-and-Now Photos of Celebrity Makeovers — Which Look Do You Prefer?
  130. 37 Texas Sheet Cakes That Prove the South Knows Sweets
  131. Anne Hathaway's Old Shorts Don't Fit Her Post-Baby, So She Made a New Pair in a Powerful Way
  132. She Hired a Photographer to Shoot Her Home Birth. But When the Ob-Gyn Was Late, She Kept Snapping Pictures Anyway
  133. 12 Cheeseburger Recipes That Take the Goodness Beyond the Bun
  134. Every Time His Dad Stops Tickling Him, This Crafty Baby Tricks Him into Starting Again
  135. 12 Celebrity Daughters Who Grew Up to Be Bombshells
  136. Dad Finds Way to Save More Than $100 on Dog-Grooming, But the Shortcut May Not Have Been Worth It
  137. Neighbors Heard Elderly Couple Crying and Fighting. When the Police Came, They Quickly Realized the Real Problem
  138. Mom Gives Daughter 'Beautiful' Name, Changes It Three Months Later Because No One Can Say It
  139. Murdered Father Can't Walk Daughter Down the Aisle, So the Man Who Got His Heart Jumps In
  140. Bride Chooses Man She'd Never Met to Walk Her Down the Aisle
  141. Kurt Cobain's Daughter Posts a Video of Herself Singing and It Will Knock Your Socks Off
  142. 45 S'mores Recipes That Will Tell Summer to Just Hurry Up and Get Here Already
  143. To Cut Down on Serious Car Accidents, Experts Are Recommending a Big Change to Teen Driving Laws
  144. Family Hears a Noise While Driving, Has Car Destroyed for Most Astonishing Reason
  145. New Mom Put On Bikini Without Much Thought. Then, Another Woman Got in Her Face About Her "Recovering" Belly
  146. His Daughter Was Playing on the Bed But What Dad Did After She Tumbled Has Everyone Applauding His Super Powers
  147. Eva Mendes' Roller Coaster Week of HUGE Joys and Losses Will Tug at Your Heartstrings
  148. Blake Shelton Just Revealed Something SO Personal About His Relationship to Gwen Stefani
  149. 12 Celebrity Couples You Never Realized Eloped
  150. 13 Lucille Ball Facial Expressions That Every Mom Knows Too Well
  151. 12 Times Dr. Oz Proved He Was the Cuddliest Grandpa
  152. 12 Funny Photos of Grandparents Riding Roller Coasters With Their Families
  153. I Knew Everyone at My Husband's Memorial Service Except for One Man. And He Wound Up Changing My Life
  154. Kristin Davis's 107-Year-Old Grandmother Just Passed Away
  155. Mom with Breech Baby Agrees to Be Filmed While Doctor Attempts to Turn Baby Around, But Even She's Amazed By What Happens
  156. I Was in the Middle of Battling Cancer When My Husband Suddenly Died. Then, a Stranger Appeared at His Memorial Service
  157. Genius Makeup Artist Erases 15 Years Off Women's Faces, and the Before-and-After Photos Are Jaw-Dropping
  158. A Rare Form of Dementia Slowly Took My Husband and Made Me a Widow at 36. But These 9 Words Changed How I Lived
  159. Pregnant Texas Woman Ignores Her Doctor, and the Most Shocking Thing Happens to Her Baby
  160. Before Shannen Doherty Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, One of Her Family Members Was Picking Up Disturbing Clues
  161. 13 Famous Ladies Who Landed MUCH Younger Men
  162. 12 Classic Stars Who Were Younger Than The Roles They Played
  163. 38 Hot Dog Recipes That Will Win Over Even Burger Fiends
  164. Wow Your Family and Friends with This BEYOND Simple 8-Layer Ice Cream Cake That You Can Make In Less Than 10 Minutes
  165. Grandma Falls and Calls Wrong Number for Help, Man on the Other End Does Something Gasp-Worthy
  166. Desperate to Date His Daughter, Teen Boy Texts Girl's Dad for Permission, But Father Doesn't Hold Back with His Reply
  167. Strikingly Gorgeous Woman Looks 20 Years Younger Than Her True Age, and When You See Her Mom, It All Makes Sense
  168. Slim Down In a Snap with Salmon
  169. These People See the Strangest Thing Under Their Fence Every Day
  170. Tim McGraw Was Performing On Stage When Something So Distressing Happened to the Country Star
  171. Her Husband Confessed He Wanted to Be a Stay-at-Home Dad. Then, She Said Something She Regretted Instantly
  172. Federal Government No Longer Recommends Flossing After Major Finding
  173. Mom of Kindergarten-Bound Child Is FLOORED to See What Teachers Expect Him to Know Already
  174. 12 Times the Royal Family Was Just Like Us
  175. This Ridiculously Easy Hiccups Cure Has Worked on Everyone This Doctor's Told
  176. High-Fat Foods That Boost Weight Loss
  177. Send Hunger Packing with Avocado
  178. Young Mom at Walmart Can't Get the Price Match She Needs on Diapers. Then a Fellow Shopper Reaches Into Her Cart
  179. Remembering America's Police Officers Killed While Protecting Us in 2016
  180. Woman Took 7 Pregnancy Tests Before Doctors Discovered the REAL Reason for Her Bloated Belly and Back Pain
  181. Does Apple Cider Vinegar Actually Help You Lose Weight?
  182. Little Boy's Unexpectedly Hearty Laugh Has Made This Preschool Music Class Go Viral
  183. Six Flags Staff Orders Woman in 'Inappropriate' Outfit to Change Before She Can Enter Park
  184. 12 Cream Cheese Dips So Delicious That You'll Want to Steal the Whole Bowl
  185. Cancer Stricken Mom Spots Something So Distressing in the Woods, and Her Next Move Is Nothing Short of Heroic
  186. Responsible Pet Owner Leaves AC Running While Dogs Are in Car, But Didn't Expect Their Jaw-Dropping Move