First for Women - Sitemap - 2016 - May - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 May - Page 1

  1. What People Have Started Doing to Princess Diana’s Childhood Home Will FLOOR You
  2. You'd Think Things Can't Get Any Cuter Than This Photo of Little Princesses, But Just Wait 'Til You See the Next Shot
  3. Little Girl Makes Unexpected Find in Store, But Boy Behind Her Proves Unusual Trait Runs in the Family
  4. When Bullies Picked on This Adorable 10 Month Old, His Mother Did Something Extreme
  5. Mom Started Braiding Little Girl's Hair While Teaching Her About Memorial Day. 30 Minutes Later, the Results Will Astound You
  6. Someone Left This Dog Locked in a Car on a Hot Day, But It's the Note on the Window That Has Everyone Gasping
  7. After Her Husband Had an Affair, She Thanked Him--and Her Reason Why Is Jaw-Dropping
  8. Melissa McCarthy Was Told Comedies Wouldn't Take a Female Lead Over Size 10 and Age 35. Her Two-Word Response Will Make You Cheer
  9. Boy Plays Trumpet Along Canceled Memorial Day Parade Route Until He and His Mom Encounter Something Shocking
  10. 10 Frozen Yogurt Recipes That Make Eating Lighter More Delicious Than Ever
  11. 13 Stars Who Look EXACTLY Like Their Biopic Double
  12. Engaged Couple Spent All of Their Wedding Money on Groom's Sick Mom, But Then Their Boss Made an Unthinkable Company Policy
  13. The Cause for Your Chronic Knee Pain May Be In This Surprising Spot Higher Up in Your Body
  14. Prince George and Princess Charlotte's Hands-Down Cutest Sibling Moments
  15. Dad Pulls Out All the Stops to Make His Baby Smile, But Her Shocking Response Is Way More Hilarious
  16. Kate Middleton Has an Adorable Nickname for Prince William--and It's Too Cute for Words
  17. 12 Pancake Recipes So Delicious That One Stack Just Won't Cut It
  18. Couple Finds Cat That's Been Missing for Days But It's HOW They Found Lost Pet That's So Crazy
  19. This Photo of Two People Hugging Seems Ordinary, But It Has Left Everyone on the Internet Very Confused
  20. 13 Major Celebrities You Never Realized Served Our Country
  21. These Fruit Kebabs Are Hiding a Deliciously Boozy Secret--They're Your Summer Dessert and Cocktail All In One
  22. When Her Husband Was Battling Stage IV Cancer 4 Years Ago, She Made a Decision That Changed Her Life Today
  23. 'Friends' Flashback! See Eddie Cahill, Tate Donovan, and More of Rachel's Boyfriends Then and Now
  24. 14 JiffPom Moments That Are Guaranteed to Turn Your Day Around
  25. A Bee Got Trapped in This Grandmother's Car, and What Happened Next Stunned Even Park Rangers Who'd Thought They'd Seen It All
  26. The Sunset Looks Beautiful, But It's the SUN Itself That Has People Talking About This Photo
  27. 6-Month-Old Breaks World Record, and When You See For What, You'll Gasp
  28. 12 Times Celebrities Were Caught Going Barefoot in the Most Surprising Places
  29. 12 Tex Mex Recipes That Will Make Your Taste Buds Shout "Ole!"
  30. She Lost Her Phone on the Beach, But Got It Back Two Hours Later with a Message That's Cracking Up the Whole Internet
  31. Sweet Little Girl Spots a Creature Just Like Her Behind the Glass, Gets Up Close and Personal
  32. This Police Officer Is Sitting on the Ground for a Reason That Has EVERYONE Talking
  33. Woman Gets Hands on Grandma's 61-Year-Old Wedding Dress, Does Something Unthinkable with It
  34. Pancreatic Cancer Breakthroughs! Adding These to Traditional Treatments May Forever Change the Survival Rate
  35. Her Outfit Was Deemed Inappropriate for Graduation. But It's What It Was That Has Her Friends Fired Up
  36. Policeman Spotted Something So Bizarre on the Highway, He Dropped Everything to Rescue It. But He Never Expected the Creature to Respond This Way
  37. Restaurant Staff Thought Cop Was Protecting Them Each Day, But Then He Handed Each Server an Envelope with Something Shocking Inside
  38. A Mom Was Just Filming Her Kids Playing, When Something Earth-Shattering Froze Them All Like Statues
  39. 12 Coconut Desserts That Turn Your Kitchen Into the Caribbean
  40. When His Fans Pressed Against the Barricade, Brad Pitt Spotted Something So Shocking He Had to Spring into Action
  41. Remember the McCaugheys, the First Surviving Septuplets? This Picture of Them Today Is Turning Heads Across the Country
  42. This New Weight Loss Pill Does Something GENIUS to Your Stomach to Melt Pounds Away
  43. Man Asks Advice Columnist Why Women Don't Shave Off Their Arm Hair, Columnist Gives PERFECT Response
  44. 13 Raspberry Recipes That Are Bursting with Summer Flavor
  45. 323-Pound Woman Sobbed When She Couldn't Fit Into a Dress For a Wedding. But Then, She Cut Out One Thing And Lost 150 Pounds
  46. Owners Were Ready to Put Their Paralyzed Collie to Sleep When an Intern Discovered Something SHOCKING as She Calmed the Dog Down
  47. 12 Surprising Ways Bacon Grease Can Be Added to Your Recipes
  48. His 2-Year-Old Girl Was Throwing Tantrums in Lowe's. But Then, an Employee Opened Her Mouth
  49. 12 Quick Breads That Are As Easy As Mix, Bake, Enjoy!
  50. Helen Hunt's Embarrassing Mishap at Starbucks Has Everyone Cracking Up
  51. 11 Times Stars Were Caught Looking as Glamorous Backstage as They Were in Front of the Cameras
  52. 12 Sally Field Photos That Prove She Was Born to Be a Star
  53. Those Two Pregnant Friends with VERY Different Bumps Recreated Their Famous Photo, and the Two Other People in It Have Everyone Talking
  54. Bride-to-Be Removes One Accessory from Her Engagement Shoot, Makes All the Difference
  55. Bride-to-Be Fighting Breast Cancer STUNS in Engagement Shoot, But Wants a Surprising Change
  56. She's Battling Breast Cancer, But It's What She Did Before Her Double Mastectomy That's Taking Everyone's Breath Away
  57. Little Boy Insists He Wants a Haircut Like Next-Door-Neighbor, Uncle Gives in with Results the Internet Is Eating Up
  58. This Gorgeous Butterfly Is Hiding a HUGE, Beautiful Secret on the Other Half of Its Body
  59. Kids Didn't Think They Were Doing Anything Wrong Playing Outside. But Then, the Cops Showed Up
  60. Elderly Couple Tries to Send Money to Grandson. But Employee Wouldn't Allow Them. Things Took an Unexpected Turn When a Cop Showed Up
  61. Everyone's Talking About These Triplets' Yearbook Photos, and It's All Because of What's Written Under Them
  62. Homeless Man Finds Woman’s Diamond Engagement Ring and Does Something Insane with It. But It’s What the Rightful Owner Did That Has the Whole Internet Gasping
  63. Her Disabled Veteran Husband Mowed the Lawn Every Week. But Then, He Got a Shocking Letter That Made Him Forget His Push Mower
  64. Céline Dion Honored With Billboard Music Icon Award Months After Husband René Angélil's Death
  65. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's Billboard Music Awards Performance Proves They're Totally in Love — Watch!
  66. 8 Things You Must Know If Skin Cancer Runs In Your Family
  67. The Biggest Mistake Women Who Color Their Hair Make EVERY Morning
  68. Evan Antin Is the Internet's Hunkiest Veterinarian. See 15 Swoon-Worthy Photos of Him with Animals
  69. 1980s Hair Styles That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head
  70. Dolly Parton Just Revealed She Has a Secret Late-Night Destination with One of Her Long-Time Friends
  71. Her Boyfriend Didn't Care After She Almost Died in a Devastating Car Accident. But Two Years Later, She Got the Shock of Her Life
  72. When an Agent Did Something OUTRAGEOUS to Try to Get This Plus Size Model to Ditch her Gorgeous Curves, She Responded In a Way That Will Make You Cheer
  73. This Shot of a NICU Nurse Holding a Baby Is Burning Up the Internet for the Most Stunning Reason
  74. Conjoined Sisters Undergo Incredibly Risky Separation Surgery, But It's Who's Next to Them After That Has Everyone Talking
  75. This 6 Year Old's Drawing of Her Mom in the Morning Vs. Going Out Has Mothers Everywhere Nodding Their Heads in Agreement
  76. 12 Drool-Worthy Pies That Make It Easier Than Ever to Treat Yourself to Something Sweet
  77. These Parents Were Thrilled to Get Their Ultrasound Pictures Until They Started Noticing One Disturbing Thing
  78. 14 Pics That Prove Manny the Frenchie Can Fall Asleep Anywhere
  79. This Creamy, Two-Layered Smoothie Is Strawberry Shortcake In a Glass
  80. 12 Popsicle Recipes That Will Make All Your Stress Melt Away
  81. If You Suddenly Feel Dizzy and Your Legs or Arms Are Tingling, Take This OTC Drug Immediately
  82. Woman Gets Booted Out of the Gym for Wearing Tank Top. When She Asked for Explanation, Manager Gave This SHOCKING Reason
  83. Everyone's Talking About This Bikini Ad, and It's All Because of What the Bottom Half of the Photo Looks Like
  84. 13 Summer Drinks That Will Make You Feel Like You're On a Beach
  85. With Hysterical Little Son by Her Side, Mom Realizes She's About to Die After Allergic Reaction to a Bee Sting. Then a Crowd Gathered
  86. The Reason This State Trooper Is Sitting on the Back of His Police Car Has People SHOCKED
  87. Flight Passengers Were Exhausted After a Three-Hour Layover, Then a 2 Year Old Did Something That Had the WHOLE Plane Responding
  88. So This May Be the Reason You STILL Have Heartburn No Matter How Many Antacids You Pop
  89. 12 Summer Desserts That Will Light Up Your Life
  90. Her Isolated Son Just Couldn't Connect With Other Kids and It Broke Her Heart, Until One Surprising Moment Changed Everything
  91. The Secret to Effortlessly Gorgeous Wavy Hair Is Something You Buy at a Party Store
  92. These Men Claimed They Couldn't Dance, But Then They Each Chose SHOCKING Partners, and Blew Their Wives Away
  93. A Heartbreaking Note on His Nursing Home Bedroom Door Went Unaddressed for Months. Then, People Who Didn't Even Live There Burst in to Answer It
  94. Cops Were Looking for Speeding Cars on a Quiet Night, But What Their Body Cams Caught Is Breathtaking
  95. This Photo of Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Stash Is the OPPOSITE of What You'd Expect from a Hollywood Legend, Except for One Item
  96. 12 Guilty Pleasure Snacks That Are Actually Good For You
  97. 12 Times Prince Harry and Kate Middleton Proved They Have the Cutest Brother-Sister Relationship
  98. Diana and Kate's Sweetest Mom Moments
  99. Relaxed Women Seem to Be Enjoying Lakeside Dining in the 1920s, But What's Really Going on Is the Most Insane Thing You'll See Today
  100. Garth Brooks Has Moved a Lot of People, But What He Did for a 9-Months-Pregnant Woman Is an Unforgettable First!
  101. 16 Times the Royal Children Were Caught Acting Like Typical Kids
  102. Scientists Now Know EXACTLY How Long It Takes a Kid to Recognize Their Mom's Voice
  103. After Nearly 2 Dozen Failed IVF Tries, Woman's Best Friend Agrees to Be Her Surrogate. Then, They BOTH Get News Neither Expected
  104. This Photo of a Brick Wall May Seem Normal, But the Mysterious Item Hidden Inside is Causing Facebook Users to Go Crazy
  105. When His Wife Wouldn't Say a Word to Him After Work, This Husband Came to a Shocking Realization
  106. Weather Reporter Told to Change Her Outfit in the Middle of a Live Broadcast--and She Handled It in a Way No One Expected
  107. Three Women Started Doing One Simple Thing to Slim Down for a Wedding, and WOW, Do They Look Fabulous
  108. A Restaurant Manager Gave Mom Ultimatum About Ordering a Meal, Then the Most Unexpected Person Put Her Two Cents in
  109. These Almost Magical Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste JUST Like Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream
  110. 15 Adorable Photos That Prove Cats and Dogs Really Do Get Along
  111. Woman Lets Her Hair Down, But It's What Comes Out of the Ponytail That's the Talk of the Internet
  112. He Was Just Cracking Eggs onto a Skillet When the Most UNEXPECTED Thing Came Out
  113. Kids With Disabilities Frightened Her Son, So Special Needs Pro Made a Jaw-Dropping Decision
  114. When a Fire Ravaged the City, Kids Got Stranded at School--and This Principal Made a Shocking Split Second Decision
  115. 12 People Who You Wouldn't Expect to Have Red Hair
  116. Jason Aldean Thought He Was Just Sharing a Rainbow Photo. But Then, a Fan Told Him There Was a Jaw-Dropping Meaning
  117. Bride and Groom Told Wedding Guest Her Gift Wasn't Generous Enough. But Her Response Will Make You Cheer
  118. This Daddy-Daughter Dance Video Starts Out Simply, But by the End, You'll Know Why Justin Timberlake Himself Was Raving About It
  119. Kate Middleton and Prince Phillip Are SHOCKED to See What's in Front of Them, But It's the Queen's Reaction That Has Everyone Talking
  120. Dad Panics When Toddler Gets Sick in the Car. What Happened Next Had Some Very Confused Cops Coming After Him
  121. Save Your Money and Still Treat Yourself with These Shockingly Simple Peanut Butter Chocolate Croissants
  122. Husky Takes a Whiff of a Human Foot, Shows His Displeasure in Seriously Funny Way
  123. The Supplement That So Many Women Take As They Get Older Can Harm Your Body In Serious Ways
  124. When Doctors Told Them Their Toddler's Rare Cancer Was Incurable, They Gave Up Treatment. What Happened Next Baffled Everyone, Including M.D.s
  125. This Photo of the Welsh Countryside is Gorgeous, But It's What's On the Other Side of the Bridge That Has People Gasping
  126. Find Out The Most Popular Baby Name in YOUR State
  127. No More Knee Replacement Surgery! New Treatment Is Less Invasive and More Effective
  128. Parents of 5 Agree to Adopt Pregnant Woman's Baby, Never Could've Predicted What Would Happen Once the Baby Was Born
  129. Julia Roberts REFUSED to Follow a Fashion Rule at a Major Red Carpet Event. Now, Women Everywhere Are Applauding Her
  130. Relieve Anxiety Instantly with These 12 Quick Tricks
  131. Scientists Have Pinpointed a MAJOR Cause of Belly Fat--and It Could Lead to New Weight-Loss Drugs
  132. Pediatric Oncologist Makes Stunning Confession About His Most Vulnerable Patients, But the Kids He Almost Lost Get the Last Word
  133. The Type of Floors You Have In Your Home Could Be the Reason You Have More of These Creepy Crawlers
  134. To Give Your Daughters a Chance Against Getting Breast Cancer, Make Sure They Do This
  135. 14 Celebrities Who Ruled Their High School Clubs
  136. Passengers Were Angry When a Teen With Down Syndrome Wouldn’t Get In His Airplane Seat. Finally, One Woman Stood Up and Did the Unthinkable
  137. She Was On The Phone With Her Husband When She Suddenly Stopped Talking. But the Words She Left Out Were the Ones That Saved Her Life
  138. 11 Mind-Blowing Ways to Cook the Perfect Piece of Bacon
  139. She Was Fired From Her Job for the Most Unfair Reason, Now She's Speaking Out to Get This Law Changed
  140. Golfer Suddenly Stops Playing to Strip Off His Clothes, But It's the NEXT Move That's Even More Shocking
  141. MAJOR REVERSAL! If Your BMI Is in This Range, You SHOULDN'T Try to Lose Weight
  142. Parents Give Their Child Away Every Weekend for a Reason That Has Everyone Talking
  143. This Quick Food Quiz Reveals Something Extraordinary About Your Personality (SPONSORED)
  144. Autism Breakthrough! Experts Find Exactly What's in Pregnant Women's Bodies That May Trigger the Disease
  145. Couple Takes a Risk With These Daring Fake Pregnancy Announcements, and Are Shocked by the Response
  146. Couple Poke Fun at Infertility, But Say It Actually Brought Them the Greatest Adventure Of All
  147. Parents Decided to Go a New Route With Pregnancy Announcement Pics to Highlight This Very Common Struggle
  148. Parents Share the Inspiration Behind Their Pregnancy Announcement Spoofs
  149. After a Groom Requested Something SHOCKING from the Bride, She Held the Wedding WITHOUT Him
  150. Man Walks Two Girls Through Parking Lot, Lets Little One Get Away with Something That Has Everyone Talking
  151. 14 Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Pairs Who Can Actually Pass for Twins
  152. Magazine Gave Body-Shaming Swimsuit Advice for Little Girls. When Angry Moms Called Them Out, the Publication Did the Unthinkable
  153. See the Kids from TLC's Sister Wives Then and Now!
  154. These Two Women Look Like Friends, But You'll Never Guess Their Real Relationship--Or How Much Older One of Them Is
  155. A Timeless Way of Soothing Babies Could Actually Cause Them Serious Harm
  156. 7 Sneaky Signs Your Pet Is Overheating
  157. A Stranger on the Road Said His Phone Wasn't Working. She Dropped Everything to Help Him, and Then She Saw Him Get a Text Message
  158. She Asked Her Makeup Artist Granddaughter to Work Her Magic, and Now It's the Makeover Everyone's Talking About
  159. It Looks as Though She's a Non-Caring Mother, But There's a Life-Or-Death Reason She's Not Helping Her Baby in the Pool
  160. Confused Mom Thought She Was Surprising Daughter in College Dorm, But When Student Isn't There, Mother Makes MORTIFYING Realization
  161. Cop Was Responding to a Call When He Noticed Someone Lurking Nearby, Then Gave Lurker a Lesson He'll Never Forget
  162. Jenna Bush Hager May Have Found Prince Harry the Girl He's Going to Marry
  163. Her Toddler Son with Autism Was Having a Terrible Time at Disney World Until This TOUCHING Moment
  164. This Dashingly Handsome Vet Looks Like a Movie Star--But Wait 'Til You See His Wife
  165. 89 Year Old Called Herself Foolish After Hardly Anyone Attended Her Art Show. Then a Granddaughter Who Skipped It Spoke Her Mind
  166. 11 Tater Tot Casserole Ideas That Will Make Your Inner Child Do Cartwheels
  167. This Pill-Free Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure Works JUST as Well as Meds, But Without the Side Effects
  168. Rory Feek's Mother's Day Tribute to His Late Wife Just Might Be His Most Beautiful Words Yet
  169. Wildfires Destroyed 5-Year-Old's Birthday Party Plans. Then a Stranger Handed Him Something
  170. 13 No-Bake Desserts to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth on the Double
  171. Husband Realized Marriage Wasn't for Him After a Year. But What He Did Next Made His Wife SO Happy
  172. Couple Was Preparing for Their Annual Yard Sale When Two Cops Showed Up. What They Asked For Caught Them Completely Off Guard
  173. This Baby Was Born in Such a Shocking Way That the Doctor Demanded a Photo, and the Image Is Jaw-Dropping
  174. Florida Couple Wanted a Unique Way to Reveal Their Baby's Gender, Come Up with Crazy/Crazy-Beautiful Scheme
  175. Kitty Breaks Jaw in Accident, Winds Up with Heart-Melting Smile After Surgery
  176. Everyone Loves the Oscar Walt Disney Received for 'Snow White.' And When You See The Whole Thing, You'll Know Why
  177. Mom Freaks Out About a New Target Policy That Has NOTHING to Do With Bathrooms
  178. They Tried to Buy Groceries For Their Baby Girl. When Their Card Got Declined, Another Customer Said Something Shocking
  179. Cancer Breakthrough! Revolutionary Discovery Will Change Treatments FOREVER
  180. 13 Dessert Dips So Irresistible They Make Double Dipping OK
  181. Mom of Three Has a Meltdown With Her Crying Kids. But Then, Her Husband and Friends Tell Her ONE Thing She Has to Do
  182. 12 Cheesecake Bars That Add Layers of Joy to Your Day
  183. Woman With Breast Cancer Won the Lottery, But It's What Happened Afterward That Will Convince You to Trust Your Inner Voice
  184. Devastated When NONE of Her 4-Year-Old's Birthday Party Guests Showed Up, Mom Does Something So Shocking, the Fire Department Had to Come
  185. Cheerful Dog Thinks It's Found Two New Playmates, Watch What Happens When It Learns the Truth
  186. After Vacuuming Her Carpet, This Mom Realized Something That Has Mothers Hugging Their Kids More Tightly Today
  187. After a Near-Death Experience Fleeing Wildfires Along with 80,000 Others, This Dad Was Shaken to His Core Until He Saw THIS
  188. These Are the Safest Containers for Microwaving Food
  189. Cop Makes Routine Stop During a Storm, What His Body Cam Caught Is Breathtaking
  190. CONFIRMED! Kate Middleton and Prince William Have ALREADY Expanded Their Family
  191. 12 Smoothie Recipes That Are Like Sunshine In a Glass
  192. She Didn't Know a Stranger Was Watching Her Son with Special Needs in the Dollar Store. But When She Heard What He Said to Him, She Was Shocked
  193. 18 Dishes for Mother's Day Brunch That Will Make Her Feel Like a Queen
  194. Janet Jackson Pregnant With Her First Child at 49!
  195. You Only Need Four Ingredients to Make These Seriously Simple, Seriously Flaky Strawberry Scones
  196. Survey Asks People to Define Middle Age. Here Is the Jaw-dropping Response
  197. The Secret to Reversing--and Preventing--Alzheimer's May Have Been In This Medication All Along
  198. Can You Spot the Dog Hiding In These Cleaning Supplies?
  199. Yes, There's a Dog on This Rug--But He's Super Hard to Find!
  200. This Simple Trick Can Determine How Tall a Child Will Grow to Be!