First for Women - Sitemap - 2016 - March - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 March - Page 1

  1. 14 Pets That Are So Unphotogenic, They'll Steal Your Heart
  2. See What Your Favorite Celebrities Looked Like on Their Prom Night
  3. The Secret to a Healthier, Alzheimer's Free Life May Be as Simple as Using More of This Herb
  4. While Studying Abroad, Son Sends Mom Cardboard Cutout of Himself as a Joke--But She Pranks Him Back in the BEST Way
  5. She Found Out She Was Pregnant the Day of Her Military Husband's Wake. But She Got an Even Bigger Shock Weeks Later
  6. WHOA! These 11 Sets of Celebrities Could Be Twins
  7. It's Never Been More Obvious to Tell If You'll Have a Heart Attack
  8. Owners Try to Pet-Proof the Room, But This Little Pooch's Love Triumphs Over the Obstacles
  9. Melissa McCarthy Talks Dramatic Weight Loss, and What She Has To Say Will Have You Applauding
  10. The Way a Nurse Is Giving These Newborn Twins a Bath LOOKS Scary But Is Nothing Short of Amazing
  11. 'Wheel of Fortune' Contestant Guesses Puzzle With Only One Letter — See His Shocking Answer!
  12. 12 Hilarious April Fools' Jokes Played On Kids, Because Sometimes Parents Need the Last Laugh
  13. There's a GOOD Reason Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men....And It Will FLOOR You
  14. When You Find Out What These Gorgeous, Colorful Strands Really Are, You Will Be FLOORED
  15. After Church Breakfast, Pastor Finds an Envelope With Money--But It's the Note That Left Him Awestruck
  16. See Kate Middleton and Prince William's Cutest Moments Through the Years
  17. This Too-Funny Doggy Has Become Every Little Kid's Hero Thanks to Its Hilarious Technique for Staying at the Park Longer
  18. This Train Station Sign Has a Hilariously Obvious Warning
  19. A Look Back at Kate Middleton's Best Hair Moments to Date
  20. After You Wash Your Face, This Is How You Should Really Be Drying It
  21. Walmart Checkout Man Tells Customer His Life Story, But It's HOW He Tells It That Has Everyone Talking
  22. Her Son With Down Syndrome Was Acting Up in Target. But Then, a Stranger Did Something That Made Her Tear Up in Joy
  23. It Started Out Like Any Other Newborn Photo Shoot, But Then the Photographer Caught the Baby in a Hilarious, 'One in a Million' Picture
  24. 15 Music Heartthrobs Then and Now
  25. Two Families Posed for a Wedding Photo, and It's Never Been More Obvious to Tell Which Side Is Which
  26. Rescued Pit Bull Is Terrified of Adults, But Watch What Happens When She Meets a Child for the First Time
  27. 12 Things to Know If Colon Cancer Runs in Your Family
  28. When Both Her Special Needs Children Had Major Meltdowns at the Supermarket, This Mom Was So Embarrassed...Until a Kind Stranger Did Something Life-Changing
  29. Here's How Often You Should Really Wash Your Sheets
  30. These Two Teens Saw a Homeless Man in a Blizzard and Bought Him a Ticket to See His Father. Now He's Returning the Favor in a BREATHTAKING Way
  31. Suffering From Ovarian Cancer, She Was Granted Her Dying Wish. But Then Things Took a Dramatic Twist
  32. Rory Feek's Toddler Hasn't Asked About Her Mama Once--And the Reason Has EVERYTHING to Do With Joey Feek's Mothering Skills
  33. A Pilot Admitted He Flew a Plane Off Course. But When You See Why, You'll No Why No Passenger Complained
  34. The Over-the-Top Chocolaty 1960s Cake You NEED to Bring Back Into Your Kitchen
  35. The Fortune Cookie This Man Received Could NOT Have Been More Fitting
  36. The Cure for Diabetes May Have Been Hiding in This Cancer-Fighting Medication All Along
  37. The No-Scrub Way to Make Your Clothes Look Like That Oil Stain Never Even Happened
  38. If You're Doing This Totally Normal Thing In the Bathroom It's Time to Stop
  39. When His Wife, a Retired Teacher, Died, Widower Was SHOCKED to Discover a Second Bank Account--and WHAT She'd Been Saving For
  40. 10 Updates to Your Favorite Church Cookbook Dessert Recipes
  41. This Teen Is Mowing the Lawn for a Reason That Will Give You Hope for Young Love
  42. Grandkids Who Are Dead Ringers for Their Celebrity Grandparents
  43. See Elizabeth Taylor's 14 Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren Then and Now!
  44. This Husband of 65 Years Has the FUNNIEST Response When Asked If There's a Spark Left
  45. The Shocking Thing Your Hair Reveals About Your Odds of Getting Cancer
  46. Girl Whose Family Died of Obesity Shares Her Inspiring Weight Loss Photos
  47. This Gooey Dish from the U.K. Is The Variation on Grilled Cheese You Never Knew You Needed
  48. The One Thing You Should Eat More of to Lose Weight AND Sleep Better
  49. You NEED These Insanely Fluffy Rolls That Star an Unexpected Ingredient in Your Life
  50. Anyone Who's Ever Heard an iPhone Ring Will Be SHOCKED By What This Cute Cockatiel Can Do
  51. Soak a Rag In This Common Kitchen Staple, Set It On Your Faucet and Watch Your Hard Water Spots VANISH
  52. 12 3-Ingredient Desserts That Are Just as Easy to Make as They Are to Devour
  53. Mom Thought She Knew What She Was Getting into When She Agreed to Let Kids Put Rubber Bands Around a Watermelon in the House, But Never Saw THIS Kind of Mess Coming
  54. When Her 12-Year-Old Slipped Out of the Car at the Gas Station, This Mom Didn't Know What to Think. Then Her Jaw Dropped When She Saw Why
  55. Man Writes Powerful Thank-You Letter to His Girlfriend's Ex, and Women Everywhere Are Falling in Love With It
  56. The Gooey, Chocolaty and Marshmallow Dessert That Even Peeps Haters Will Gobble Up
  57. The WHOLE Family Will Lick Their Plates Clean When THIS Pasta Is On the Dinner Table
  58. After This Lonely Man Died, His Fellow Parishoners Discovered Something Crazy in His Home That'll Transform Their Church FOREVER
  59. These Chocolate Chip Cookies Pack a Seriously Sweet Surprise Inside
  60. 12 Insanely Good Recipes You Never Realized You Can Make in a Muffin Tin
  61. Check Your Fingers! They Reveal Something VERY Interesting About You
  62. It's Actually Healthier to Devour ALL Your Easter Chocolate at Once, Experts Say
  63. This Man You Used to Watch on TV ALL the Time Is COMPLETELY Unrecognizable in Retirement
  64. If You Move Your Blush to This Magic Spot, You'll Look 10 Years Younger Instantly!
  65. A Tree Fell on a Woman Visiting Africa. When She Woke Up and Saw Who Surrounded Her, She Knew She Had to Do Something
  66. Little Boy's Autism Made it Difficult to Attend Parties. Then He Received This Touching Invitation That Brought His Mother to Tears
  67. She Thought She Was Alone in the Dressing Room Until She Got Home and Saw Photo
  68. Everyone Thinks That This Fit Woman Has the Perfect Body, But the Photo She Recently Shared Has Women Everywhere Cheering
  69. When a Distraught Widow Broke Down at the Drive-Thru, the Employees Knew JUST What to Do
  70. See What the Cast of 'Steel Magnolias' Is Up to Today
  71. Every Woman Who's Been 9 Months Pregnant Will IMMEDIATELY Recognize This Little Girl's Spot-On Imitation
  72. 12 Dishwasher Tricks for the Cleanest Dishes of Your Life
  73. They Thought This Premature Twin Wouldn't Make It, But Then Doctors Tried Something Crazy
  74. See the Cast of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Then and Now
  75. 12 Moments in Zumba Class Every Klutzy Woman Who's Tried It Knows All Too Well
  76. A Restaurant Manager Approached a Table to Tell a Little Girl to Quiet Down. Then the Mother Asked One Question That Totally Changed His Mind
  77. Pet Owner Is So Proud of His Newly Built Fence, He Captures It on Video. But Tricky Dog Has Other Plans
  78. We've Never Heard of a "Lush" Dessert, But This Treat Is Four Layers of Heaven
  79. The 3-Second Trick to Tell If Your Cat Is Left- or Right-Pawed
  80. The Weird Reason You Should Keep Chapstick Handy Whenever You Shave Your Legs
  81. When Her 81-Year-Old Mom With Dementia Wandered Off, a Woman Called the Cops. But She Was Shocked at HOW They Handled the Situation
  82. Stop Stressing! This All-too-Common Weight Loss Tip Isn't Actually True
  83. The Adorable, Funny, and Flat-Out Strange Names Grandkids Call Their Celebrity Grandparents
  84. Proud Family Accidentally Texts Stranger About Newborn's Arrival. But What He Does Next Will Make This Kid's Baby Book the BEST EVER
  85. The Season You Were Born In Can Predict Just How Allergic You'll Be Later
  86. THIS Is the Real Reason Bridesmaids All Wear Matching Dresses
  87. How William and Harry Will Mark 20 Years Since Diana's Death
  88. Doctors Told Her She'd Go Blind. So She Gave Up One Type of Drink and Lost 112 Pounds
  89. 13 No-Scrub Solutions to Your Toughest Kitchen Messes
  90. The Time You Most Want to Use Hand Sanitizer Is the One Time You Shouldn't!
  91. The Hilariously Bizarre Reason Plants Are Growing from Women's Shower Drains
  92. Aging Goals! You've GOT to See What Cher's 90-Year-Old Mom Looks Like
  93. Couple Found a Purple Heart for Sale at Goodwill for $5, But Even They Never Imagined What Would Happen When They Returned It
  94. See What the Cast of Designing Women Is Up to Today
  95. A Random Facebook Post Got This Mom to Go Above and Beyond for a Corrections Officer. Now She's His Guardian Angel
  96. When She Hears Sound For the First Time, This Young Woman Gets An Even Bigger Surprise Moments Later
  97. This Photo Inspired People EVERYWHERE to Get In Touch With Their Grandparents Immediately
  98. 10 Beauty Mistakes That Are Making You Look 10 Years Older
  99. When She Got Devastating News While in the Hospital on Bed Rest, Two Strangers Did Something Beautiful and Unforgettable For Her
  100. This Couple Waited Three Years to Meet Their Adopted Kids. What Happened Next Will Warm Your Heart
  101. They Showed a Baboon a Magic Trick. The Over-the-Top Way She Reacted Will Make You LOL
  102. The Very Strange Thing a Nervous Woman Did During Her Baby's Delivery Has EVERYONE Talking
  103. Breakthrough! Those Suffering From Alzheimer's Disease Could One Day Get Their Memories Back
  104. The Shockingly Simple Way to Remove Drink Rings from Your Wood Tables
  105. The Adorable Way This Pet Arctic Fox Mimics His Owners Will Make You LOL
  106. Check Your Pantry Again! This Time Chicken of the Sea is Recalling ITS 'Chunk Light' Tuna
  107. This One-Pan Cheesecake-Stuffed French Toast Is the Easy Weekend Breakfast of Your Dreams
  108. These 1970s Award Show Styles Will Make You Miss the Disco Decade
  109. This Easy, Cheesy Pasta Will Make You Feel Even Cozier Than Your PJs
  110. People Thought This German Shepherd Pup Was Lost At Sea, But What Really Happened Is Truly Amazing
  111. Check Your Pantry! Bumble Bee Is Recalling Its 'Chunk Light Tuna' Because Cans May Be Contaminated
  112. See Inside This Penny-Saving Woman's Downright Expensive Looking 300-Square-Foot Apartment
  113. Homeless Man Dedicates His Life to a Selfless Cause, and Now People Are Repaying Him In an Amazing Way
  114. Dad Lets His 6-Month Old "Leprechaun" Get Into Plenty of Mischief, and It Will Crack You Up
  115. Stressed? Just Doing This One QUICK Thing Is Enough to Calm You Down Right Away
  116. To Lose More Weight, Go to Bed At This Time
  117. People Can't Figure Out How Many Girls Are In This Photo--and It's Driving Them Crazy!
  118. 12 Retro Toys Giving Kids Today the Same Thrills They Gave Us
  119. The No-Scrub, No-Struggle Way to Remove Annoying Sticker Residue
  120. 12 Dessert Recipes That Combine Your Favorite Sweets with Cheesecake
  121. The Awesome Health Benefit You'll Get the Next Time You Walk--WITHOUT Doing Anything Differently
  122. When You See Jackie O's Granddaughter, We Swear You'll Do a Double-Take
  123. This Common Supermarket Snack Helps You Make the Easiest, Most Delicious Tiramisu Ever
  124. This Simple Tool Can Help People With Dementia Stay at Home Longer--And Keep Them Safer
  125. The Newest Sweet Spread In Town Will Make You Forget ALL About Nutella
  126. These Chocolate Cookies Magically Take On the Texture of Chocolate Cake In the Oven
  127. After Surviving Heart Failure, This 97-Year-Old Grandpa Is Finding Joy For the Most Heartwarming Reason
  128. 10 Most Enthusiastic St. Patrick’s Day Revelers
  129. After Losing Her Husband of 70 Years, This Dementia Patient Is Finding Comfort for the Most Touching Reason
  130. A Woman With Down Syndrome Is Wearing a Wedding Gown for an Unexpected, Beautiful Reason
  131. 12 Tricks to Make Your Small Bathroom Look WAY Bigger
  132. There's Only One Thing That Will Get This Big Dog Off the Bed....And, No, It's Not Food!
  133. They Lied to Their Son About Where They Were Going to Conceal a Big Surprise--But It Totally, Hilariously Backfired
  134. 11 Angelic Pictures of Kids and Their Pets Sleeping Together
  135. This Little Girl With Autism Didn't Speak and Was Deathly Afraid of Water. Now, She's Thriving Thanks to an Unlikely Friend
  136. Check Your Toothpaste! There's a Good Chance It's Missing the Most Important Ingredient You Need to Be Brushing With
  137. If You Live Closer to a Target Than a Walmart, It's Time to Start Celebrating
  138. This New Breast-Cancer Screening Can Replace Mammograms--And Is MUCH More Accurate
  139. Here's Why You Deserve a Medal for Doing This Chore, Even When You're Tired
  140. 308-Pound Mom Was Too Embarrassed to Travel, So She Changed THIS About Her Diet and Lost More Than Half Her Weight
  141. See How Much the Cast of 'Sesame Street' Has Changed Since Their First Season
  142. This Unexpected But Totally Normal Thing Might Have Happened to Your Breasts As You Got Older, And You Can Reverse It
  143. 10 Exercises Women Who've Lost Weight Swear By--And You Can Do Without Leaving Home
  144. The Most Popular Women's Names By Decade
  145. Mike Myers Debuts New White Hair — and Now Looks Just Like His Friend Steve Martin!
  146. Remembering This Crucial Warning Sign Helped a Pregnant Woman Save Her Baby's Life
  147. Eat a Little More of This Fruit Every Day and Your Risk of Alzheimer's Will Go Way Down
  148. He Had Raised Her Like a Daughter for Years, But NOTHING Could've Prepared Him for the Emotional Question She Asked Him on Camera
  149. 12 Adorable Litters of Puppies and Kittens to Make You Squeal
  150. She Weighed 311 Pounds, But She Lost Nearly Half Her Body Weight By Cutting Out THIS Type Of Food
  151. The Supplements You Should Be Taking at 50+
  152. There's One Food You Should NEVER Refrigerate, and Here's Why
  153. 12 Women Who Prove the Things You Hate About Your Body Are Beautiful
  154. If You're Still Washing Chicken Before You Cook It, Here's Why You Need to Stop IMMEDIATELY
  155. There's Something You Need to Know About Splenda
  156. When Martial Arts Instructor Corners Little Girl in a Drill, the Cutest Little Knight in Shining Armor Comes to Her Rescue
  157. Breast Cancer Breakthrough! New Treatment Can Make Tumors Disappear in 11 Days--Without Chemo
  158. This Body-Positive Commercial Featuring Plus Size Models Was Deemed Too Inappropriate for TV
  159. This Genius Use for Empty Tissue Boxes Will Solve the One Clutter Problem We All Have
  160. A Mom Noticed Black Specks Up Her Baby's Nose. How They Got There Is the Warning Everyone Who Owns Candles Needs to Know About
  161. Check Your Freezer! There's Glass In Some of Your Favorite Frozen Meals
  162. Carrie Underwood's Raw, Unedited Version of 'I Will Always Love You' Is the Unbelievable Country Performance You Need to Hear
  163. When She Got a Devastating Phone Call in the Middle of a Busy Supermarket, Strangers Rushed to Help Her in the Most Beautiful, Unforgettable Way
  164. Family Adopted Three Brothers, But Couldn't Take in the Fourth. Now, an AMAZING Coincidence Means the Boys Get to Grow Up Together Anyway
  165. An Airline Admitted They Purposely Delayed a Flight for 25 Minutes, But Here's Why No Passenger Complained
  166. So THAT'S Why They're Called Ice Cream Sundaes!
  167. This Girl and Her Service Dog Are the Biggest Hit at School Dances for the Most Unexpected Reason
  168. Prepare Your Ears: This Cute, Little Dog Screams Like a Full-Grown Adult and It's Hilariously Bizarre
  169. Stop Scrubbing and Clean Less Often With This Lightning-Fast Trick for Ridding Your Faucet of Fingerprints and Water Spots
  170. 11 Incredible Cakes Hiding Even More Incredible Surprises Inside
  171. The Zero-Effort Way to Unclog Your Sink
  172. Mom Snaps Yearly Photo of Growing Son Trying on Dad's Jeans, But It's What She's Done with Her Wedding Dress That'll Really Warm Your Heart
  173. 10 Life-Changing Tricks Everyone Who's Sick of Misplacing Things Needs to Know About
  174. 10 Things to Remember Whenever You're Not Feeling Great About Your Body
  175. FINALLY! We Know Why Some Women Suffer Multiple Miscarriages--and We Can Fix It
  176. Cheesecake Cupcakes Are the Delicious Reason You Never Need to Choose Between Desserts Again
  177. This Guy Has Some SERIOUS Dance Moves--But It's Not Him You'll Be Staring At
  178. Little Boy Sees Bride's Long Dress. The Hilarious Thing He Did To It Has the Whole Internet Laughing
  179. Scared and Alone After Missing the Last Train Home, Young Woman Suddenly Is Approached by Homeless Man for Most Unexpected Reason
  180. The One All-Too-Common Ingredient That's Making You Overeat
  181. These Parents Had to Come Up with 6 Baby Names in a VERY Short Time, and the World Is LOVING Their Choices
  182. 12 Quotes About Spring That'll Make You SO GLAD It's Almost Here
  183. Dolly Parton Made SUCH an Inspiring Video Message for Joey Feek Before She Passed Away
  184. Here’s How You Should Really Be Putting On Eye Cream
  185. This Woman Noticed Her Amazon Package Moving, and the Strange Things Inside Have Totally Changed Her House
  186. 15 Recipes That Prove Blondies Are JUST As Delicious As Brownies
  187. Music Teacher Wows All 4 'Voice' Judges with Goosebump-Causing Performance of 'Can't Find My Way Home'
  188. Seriously Talented Dad Has Found the Most Adorable Way to Entertain His Baby Daughter
  189. Little Boy Who Lost a Finger Was Ashamed, Until Two Police Officers Took a Special Picture With Him
  190. Our New Favorite Sandwich Cookie Is Like Filling an Oreo with Oreo Cheesecake
  191. Yes! You Can Easily Recreate This Mouthwatering Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cake at Home
  192. Dad Forgets It's 'World Book Day' at School, Comes Up with a Hilarious Last-Minute Kids' Costume Idea
  193. Watching Your Weight? You Might Want to Turn to This Unexpectedly Fat-Rich Food
  194. Not a Fan of Bitter Drinks? Here's the Scarily Accurate Trait It Reveals About You
  195. Little Girl Was Minutes From Death. Then, Her Parents Tried Something Crazy and It Brought on a Miracle
  196. They Were Watching a Show About Homelessness When They Saw Their Long-Lost Friend. What Happened Next Changed All Three of Their Lives
  197. This Rare Footage of Queen Elizabeth Teaching Prince Charles to Walk Just May Break the Adorable Scale
  198. These Pictures of What Our Favorite Fruits and Veggies USED to Look Like Are Blowing Our Minds
  199. Watch Dad with Voice of an Angel Get Vegetable-Phobic Baby to Love Eating Green Beans
  200. Céline Dion Breaks Down During 'All By Myself' During First Performance Since Losing Her Husband