First for Women - Sitemap - 2016 - January - Page 1

Sitemap 2016 January - Page 1

  1. 11 Celebrities Who Are Cancer Survivors
  2. The No-Mess Way to Make Perfectly Crispy Bacon in the Microwave
  3. 11 Times Dove Chocolate Wrappers Said Exactly What We Needed to Hear
  4. Watch This Woman Hypnotize a Baby to Sleep in the Middle of a Loud, Bright Room
  5. The Beyond-Brilliant Ways That People Have Repurposed Their Family's Old Cribs Will Inspire You
  6. Something in This Photo Tipped Off a Mom to Act Quickly to Save Her Son's Life
  7. The 1 Piece of Winter Clothing You Need to Wash Now
  8. The Perfume We've All Been Waiting for Curbs Cravings in 75% of Women Who Wear It
  9. The Flower Warning Every Cat Owner Needs to Hear
  10. A Single Letter Has Perfectly Captured the Hilarious Difference Between Grandmas and Grandpas
  11. Mom Gained So Much Weight, Friends Thought She Was Pregnant Again, But This Plan Totally Transformed Her
  12. When This Big Brother Holds His Newborn Sibling for the First Time, He Gets Startled for the FUNNIEST Reason
  13. This Cheesy Twist on Garlic Bread Is Downright Irresistible
  14. Breakthrough! Medical Experts Believe They've Discovered What Causes Autism--and How to Prevent It
  15. Fool the Whole Family with This Deceptively Easy Braided Nutella Pastry
  16. Find the Hidden Objects In These Puzzles
  17. The Reason the Internet Is In Love with This Woman's Shirt Will Make You Giggle
  18. To Lose the Most Weight, Load Your Grocery Cart With THIS Type of Produce
  19. Dad Has Four Daughters. Just Wait Until You See How He Reacts When He's Having a Boy
  20. Doctors Gave This Mom a C-Section, But There Was No Baby Inside for the Craziest Reason
  21. This Too-Eager Dog Interrupts Owners Sledding in the Funniest Way
  22. The No-Effort Leftovers Trick That Will Save You More Money
  23. A Good Samaritan Shovels Cars Out of the Snow, Leaves Notes with a Simple, Heartwarming Request
  24. This Supermarket's Pre-Halloween Move Just May Protect Your Home
  25. The Way This Cat Gets Its Owner's Attention Is One of the Cutest Things You'll EVER See
  26. Too Overweight to Be Intimate with Husband, Mom of 2 Slims Down and Becomes a Knockout
  27. When Her Parents Skipped Praying One Night, This 2 Year Old Made Up for It in a BIG Way
  28. After Years of Looking Basically the Same, Barbie's Body Has Changed in This Major Way FOREVER
  29. This Creamy, Four-Cheese Garlic Spaghetti Will Make All of Life's Problems Disappear
  30. Huge Dog Didn't Want to Be Restrained, So It Makes a Break for It--But Takes a Vet Tech Along!
  31. 10 Things You Need to Know About the Zika Virus
  32. Adorable 4 Month Old Sneezes, Then Actually SAYS Something Hilarious, Clear as Day
  33. 9 Tiny Puppies Who Grew into Humongous Dogs
  34. The Easy Microwave Trick That Gets You Cafe-Quality Lattes Right at Home
  35. The Sign Says 'Beware of Dog' But When You See the Animal That's Really in the Back Yard, You'll Flip
  36. These Look Like Adorable Babies, But What They Really Are Will Touch Your Soul
  37. Autistic Boy Slammed into Glass at Apple Store. What a Kind-hearted Worker Did Next Had the Child's Mother Overflowing with Gratitude
  38. The Shocking Thing This Woman and Her Family Do for Terminally Ill Babies Will Fill Your Heart With Love and Admiration
  39. 12 Super Bowl Snacks That Will Make Your Party the Best Game in Town
  40. Is This a Raccoon or a Dog?
  41. 99-Year-Old Woman Woke Up One Morning to Find the CRAZIEST Thing Staring Up at Her
  42. What Pizza Hut Is Doing in Their New Offerings Will Change Crust as We Know It--AGAIN!
  43. This Adorable Cat Has Wobbly Kitten Syndrome, and When You See Her Walk, She'll Steal Your Heart
  44. When a Sales Clerk Called This 13-Year-Old Girl Fat, Her Mom Had the Most Uplifting Response
  45. Skip the Bakery! This 2-Ingredient Treat Is the Easy Substitute for Chocolate Croissants
  46. 12 Things You Must Know If Pancreatic Cancer Runs in Your Family
  47. 6 Year Old Designs Cake of Her Dreams, Baker Delivers...Big Time
  48. Listen Up, PB Lovers! Make Just 2 Peanut Butter Cookies with This Life-Changing Small-Batch Recipe
  49. Autistic Teen Thought His Movement Disorder Would Prevent Him from Getting Hired. Here's Why He's Now the Most Popular Barista at His Starbucks
  50. Step Aside, Milk! Cheers with THIS Drink for Healthier, Stronger Bones
  51. The Bottom Half of This Bikini Ad Will Make You Jump Out of Your Seat and Cheer
  52. These Deer Reclaimed the City During the Snowstorm in a Hilarious Way
  53. Someone Got a Monkey Bundled Up and Let It Play Outside in the Snow--and THIS Happened
  54. When Drivers Saw Dogs Running in the Middle of a Highway, They Made a Dangerous, Split-Second Decision
  55. Here's How Often You Should Really Be Showering
  56. Family Driving to Pawn Shop to Sell Items to Survive Runs Out of Gas
  57. One Year After Dad Chooses Son With Down Syndrome Over Wife Who Gave Him an Ultimatum, Family Has Happy Update
  58. Sloth Tries to Cross a Busy Highway, Changes Its Mind in an Adorable Way
  59. You're Just 3 Minutes from Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with This Handy Recipe
  60. Asked Why God Created Grandmothers, Little Southern Boy Gives the PERFECT Response That'll Make Any Meemaw Swoon
  61. Since You Don't Get Screened for This Cancer Until AFTER So Many Are Diagnosed, Watch for These Warning Signs
  62. This Dog Owner's Let the Pup Out For Relief. But Then, It Did Something Astounding
  63. The Mind-Blowing Secret Every Girl Scout Cookie Fan Needs to Know Before They Order
  64. After Getting Turned Away at Two Different Hospitals, Blizzard Causes Couple to Have Their Baby in the Most Unexpected Way
  65. After a Long Day, Mom Comes Home to Overjoyed Welcome She Craves....But the Excitement Is for a TOTALLY Different Reason
  66. The Shocking Truth About Your Eggs Has the Whole Internet Talking
  67. Watching This Teen Wake Up After a Life-Saving Heart Transplant Surgery Is All the Convincing Anyone Needs to Become an Organ Donor
  68. The Stir-Fry Mistake That's Costing You Money
  69. Boy Tries Card Tricks on Dad, Doesn't Know the Trick is Really on Him
  70. If You Eat Dole Food Company's Packaged Salads, You Need to Look at the Label Right Now
  71. Taking This Supplement Can SIGNIFICANTLY Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease
  72. She Was Living on a Highway Strip, Near Death, Before She Was Rescued. Now She's on the Great White Way
  73. This Waffle Maker Has THE FUNNIEST Way of Talking Back to Its Owner
  74. Born 11 Weeks Premature, Twins Do Something in Stunning Video That'll Make You Gasp
  75. This Incredible, Expandable Tent Will Mesmerize You, Even If You Have No Interest in Camping
  76. After This Teen's Wrestling Opponent Died With a Perfect Record, He Did Something Unusual the Day of Their Scheduled Match
  77. In 1 Minute, You Can Find Out If You're Prediabetic
  78. Watch the Baby Inside This Pregnant Woman Try to Break Free Through Her Belly
  79. The Money-Saving Secret at Costco You Don't Need to Be a Member to Enjoy
  80. Best Hairstyles For Round, Square, And Oval Faces
  81. Close to Death, This Kitten Was Saved By Huskies. And Now She Thinks She's One of Them!
  82. The Reason This Man Is Mailing Tennis Balls to Anyone Who Wants One Will Touch Your Heart
  83. Family Has THE Funniest Freak-Out Over a Spider in the House
  84. The No-Scrub Way to Clean Your Microwave Without a Single Chemical
  85. Can You Spot the Letter 'C' in This Grid of 'O's?
  86. NO WILLPOWER OR MATH NEEDED! Make Just 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies with This Recipe
  87. Little Girl Takes Brilliant Shortcut to Complete Punishment Assignment, Teaches Us All a Lesson
  88. How to Use Your Waffle Iron for the Best Homemade Pizza You've Ever Tasted
  89. 15 Brilliant Uses for Kitty Litter
  90. Cat Gets a Taste of Ice Cream And Then Has the Most Hysterical Reaction
  91. When You See What's Stuck on This Polar Bear's Rump, You'll Crack Up
  92. They Were Renovating Their Home When They Found Something They Never Expected in Their Walls
  93. When Her Boyfriend Requested an Apple Pie Cake for His Birthday, This Brilliant Baker Created the Most Beautiful Confection
  94. The Shockingly Simple Way to Banish Furniture Dents from Your Carpet
  95. 9 Hilarious Photos of Pets Adoringly Staring at Their Own Reflections
  96. When This Little Girl's Dad Points the Hair Dryer at Her, It Rocks Her World in the Funniest Way
  97. See the Cast of 'Love Actually' Then and Now!
  98. When Her Autistic Son Melted Down at the Diner, This Mom Was Embarrassed Until She Received This Note
  99. Woman Took Photo of Sunrise, But Hours Later When She Looked at the Picture, She Saw Something Incredible on the Horizon
  100. 9 Incredible Things You Can Tell About Produce Just From Looking at Them
  101. Boy Hysterically Cries While Holding Puppy—for a Reason That Will Melt Your Heart
  102. A Grieving Waitress Got a Mega-Tip, But It Was the Note on the Bill That Really Meant the World
  103. 9 Baking Secrets from a Pro for the Easiest and Most Delicious Treats You've Ever Made
  104. This Simple Trick Can Prevent You From Messing Up When You Feel Anxious
  105. Apply Eyeliner in a Flash AND Curl Your Lashes at the Same Time with This Genius, Time-Saving Trick
  106. The Easy-As-Pie Way to Clean Your (Surprisingly Dirty) Coffee Pot
  107. They Hadn't Spoken Since Giving Up Their Baby for Adoption. Then Their Grown Son Changed Everything
  108. 10 Beyond-Brilliant New Uses for Orphan Socks
  109. Listen to This Soothing Sound, Never Have Trouble Sleeping Again
  110. When This Dog Owner Sings 'If You're Happy and You Know It,' Her Too-Cute Pup Does Something That'll Make You Squeal
  111. She Was Annoyed the Line Was Taking So Long. But When She Saw Why, She'd Never Forget the Important Lesson
  112. It Looks Like a Regular Kitchen, But It Has the Most Genius Thing Built into It
  113. HOORAY! No More Needles When You Need Major Dental Work Thanks to This New Way of Numbing
  114. Determined Dog Pulls Off Unthinkable Through Closed Door, But Watch Its Face When It's Caught Red-Handed
  115. 8 Formerly Homeless Dogs' Mind-blowing Makeovers
  116. A Homeless Man Was Limping Barefoot Down a Highway Until a Firefighter Made a Shocking Sacrifice for Him
  117. This Secret Ingredient Keeps Chicken Breasts So Juicy, Chick-fil-A SWEARS By It
  118. If You Love Trader Joe's Nuts, You Need to Know About This Recall
  119. Do This Simple Thing to Shrimp to Make Peeling Them an Absolute Breeze
  120. How to Ripen a Rock Hard Avocado OVERNIGHT!
  121. 9 Swaps That Will Tone Down Your Sweet Tooth AND Shed Pounds
  122. Cutest Valentine's Day Crafts
  123. 10 Beloved Sitcom Casts Whose Real Ages Will Shock You
  124. This Woman Lost Weight By Eating More Food, Not Less. Here's How You Can, Too
  125. This Pit Bull Has a Hilariously Slow-Mo Way of Obeying Its Owner
  126. Run Over by a Car, 7-Year-Old Girl Walks Away Without a Scratch for Shocking Reason Doctors Had Never Seen Before
  127. Easy Cleaning Trick Makes Your Cookie Sheets Sparkle Like New
  128. It's Not in Your Head! The One Spending More Time Getting Ready in the A.M. ISN'T You
  129. Study Shows There's a DELICIOUS New Way to Treat Cancer
  130. Would You Spend $80 for a Pan That Cooks 5 Different Foods at Once Without Them Ever Touching?
  131. Dog Acts Like All of Us at the Smell of Freshly Baked Cookies
  132. Walmart Is Closing Down MANY of Its Stores in 2016--FOREVER
  133. World's Smartest, Boldest Man Does What We All Wish We Had the Guts to Do in the Buffet Line
  134. Stop Pressing Air Out of Ziploc Bags and Do THIS Brilliant Thing Instead to Keep Food Fresh
  135. 11 Things You Should Know If Cancer Runs In Your Family
  136. The Easy Oven Secret for Perfectly Golden Roast Chicken
  137. 11 Pictures of Dogs with the Biggest Smiles on Their Faces
  138. This Picture of a Bride and Her Companion on Her Wedding Day Has Everyone Going 'AWWWWW'
  139. Cop Saved Starving, Abandoned Baby's Life By Doing Something Amazing For Her
  140. Breakthrough! This Painless Test Diagnoses Alzheimer's WAY Before Symptoms Set in
  141. 8 Crazy-Creative Purses That Are Dead Ringers for Delicious Foods
  142. She Bought a Homeless Man Coffee. Then He Confessed Something That Changed Both Their Lives Forever
  143. Woman Comes Up with Most Brilliant Way of Coping with Being Far Away from Mate
  144. It Looks Too Tiny to Do Much with from the Outside, But the Inside Is a Whole Different, Beautiful Story
  145. Couple Chooses 'Romantic' Name for Their Baby Girl--But Two Years Later, Sly Husband Reveals What the Name REALLY Means (LOL!)
  146. He Came Face to Face with a Bear, and Then the Most Unexpected Thing Happened
  147. Remembering Alan Rickman — See the Cast of 'Love Actually' Then and Now
  148. Un-shrink Clothes Your Dryer Ruined with This Surprising Item
  149. This Is the News That Everyone Who Loved 'Friends' Has Been Waiting 12 Years For
  150. This Desperate Elderly Man Was So Hungry He Called 911-- and Got More Help Than He Dreamed Possible
  151. Dog Can't Figure Out How to Get Out of the Car Until Its Furry Friend Does the SWEETEST Thing to Help
  152. Little Girl Is Excited When She Gets Her First Phone, But It's Her Sister's Reaction That Will Make You LOL
  153. Mom Knits a Life-Size Replica of Her Son, But It's the Reason Why That's Got Everyone Talking
  154. When She Returned Her Coat, She Never Expected this Selfless Response From Customer Service
  155. Man Gets the Fright of His Life When He Spots This 'Ghost' at 3 AM, Then Realizes What It REALLY Is
  156. Someone Turned a Sandwich Into Lasagna, and It Looks Good Enough to Make Cheese Lovers Weep
  157. Faced with a Godzilla Toy, This Genius Pup Picks the Funniest Place to Hide
  158. 8 Shocking Reasons Your Produce Is Going Bad Too Quickly
  159. If You See Your Pet Doing THIS, Take Them to the Vet ASAP
  160. This Cutie Pie's Message to Her BFF Is Guaranteed to Make You Smile For the Rest of the Day
  161. 'Mermaid' Pillows Are the Internet's Latest Obsession For the Most Amazing Reason
  162. The No-Vacuuming Way to Keep Your Car's Drink Holders Spotless
  163. This Cat's Brilliant Escape Plan Proves Cats Are Actually Ninjas
  164. Powerful Video of Man with Alzheimer's Is a Crucial Reminder to Everyone Who Loves Someone with the Disease
  165. If You Eat Kit Kats This Strange (But Totally Normal!) Way, You're Doing It Like the Rich and Famous
  166. Breakthrough! This Major News Will Change How Depression Is Treated From Now on
  167. 8 Ingredients You Can DIY Instead of Buying for One Recipe
  168. What This Woman Has to Say About Her 'Bikini Body' Will Have You Applauding
  169. The Reason Why This Cleaning Company Is Giving Away Their Services Will Warm Your Heart
  170. This Little Mini-Me Does a Spot On Imitation of Her Mom--and It's Hysterical
  171. This Adorable Glasses-Wearing Girl Got 4 Million People To Stand Behind Her. The Reason Why Will Give You Hope For Humanity
  172. This Coyote Didn't Know Someone Was Watching When It Was Caught Doing Something Unexpectedly...
  173. Little Girl Sees Snow for the First Time, And You'll Relate to Her Totally Surprising Reaction
  174. The Shocking Way to Open Frustrating Clamshell Packaging in a SNAP
  175. After Losing Two Sons, Woman Conceived Daughter with Sperm Donor Who Changed Her Life in the Most Incredible Ways
  176. When Her Father Was Trapped Under a Burning Truck, His Petite 19-Year-Old Daughter Did the Unthinkable
  177. Patti LaBelle Now Has Three Crave-Worthy Desserts Available at Walmart
  178. When Thieves Stole from Cancer Victim and Her Family, This Cop Went Above and Beyond to Right This Wrong
  179. 16 Incredibly Striking People Born with Different Colored Eyes
  180. Best News Ever for Anyone Who Gets Coughs--the Simplest Cure Is Also the TASTIEST
  181. 8 Gorgeous Photos of Women with Freckles That'll Make You Love Every One of YOUR Spots
  182. Stubby-Legged Pit Bull Tries to Copy Little Girl’s Graceful Cartwheel, Move Doesn’t go as Planned
  183. Cop Pulls Over Speeding Driver With Dying Daughter, Gives Him Something More Powerful Than a Ticket
  184. Watching These Icing Designs Come to Life on Cookies Is the Most Mesmerizing Thing on the Internet Today
  185. After Spotting a Shirtless, Shivering Man on the Train, a Fellow Rider Sacrificed Something So Shocking for Him
  186. All This Little Girl Wants Is a Baby Sister, But Just Wait Until You See What She Thinks About a Brother
  187. 10 Brilliant Uses for Aluminum Foil
  188. Pizza Boxes Are Now Known to Prove Cancer. But There May Be Good News Soon.
  189. Boxer Puppy Can't Figure Out What His Young Owner is Looking at and Is Going Adorably Crazy
  190. If You Do This 10 Minutes Before Cleaning Your Bathroom, Grime Will Melt RIGHT OFF
  191. Honest Busboy in Need Returned $3,000 in Lost Cash. Now, Kind Strangers are Rewarding Him in an AMAZING Way
  192. Good News for Moms! The More Kids You Have, the More THIS Awesome Thing Happens to You
  193. You Just May Make These Pancakes EVERY Weekend When You See What Dessert Inspired Them
  194. Woman Records Every Thing Her Husband Says As He's Dreaming...and His Conversations are Weird AND Funny
  195. When You See the Rest of This Hot Coffee Warning, You'll Know Why Everyone Is Cracking Up Over It
  196. She Has the Body of a 20-Something, But When You Find How Old This Woman Really Is, Your Jaw Will Hit the Floor
  197. Divorced Couple Writes Letters to Child's Stepparents, and They Will Shock You for the BEST Reason
  198. 10 Photos from the Blizzard of '96 That Prove It Was the Craziest Snowstorm EVER
  199. 10 Sweet Treats You Can Make IN a Mug
  200. This Zoo Tiger Ate Goats for 3 Years, But Something Incredible Happened When He Met His Latest Live Meal