First for Women - Sitemap - 2015 - September - Page 1

Sitemap 2015 September - Page 1

  1. When This Pastor Sings with His Contractors, Something Magical Happens
  2. After an Emotional 20-Year Search, Woman Badly Burned as a Baby Finds Nurse Who Comforted Her
  3. Watch a Century's Worth of Classic Wedding Dresses in 3 Minutes
  4. Every Time This Baby Makes Noise, Her Husky Friend Has the FUNNIEST Response
  5. You've Never Seen Joy Like This Girl Getting the Exact Birthday Present She Wanted
  6. The One Supplement You Must Take If You're Going Through Menopause
  7. These Cat Brothers REALLY Love Each Other
  8. This Grandmother with Dementia Was Having a Tough Time--Until One Doll Changed Everything
  9. You'll Swear There's an Elephant in the Room with This Dog's Spot-on Impression
  10. A Blind Deer Couldn't Find Food, But What It Did Find Solved All Its Problems
  11. The Drool-Worthy New Product That Will Replace Regular Chocolate Chips Forever
  12. These Vans Pull Up Next to City's Homeless, Offers Them Something Amazing for the Day
  13. Watch How This Caring Dog Helps His Newest Human Owner Go to Sleep
  14. And the Newest Oreo Flavor Is...
  15. Mom Takes Hilarious Photo of Her Baby That Will Make You LOL
  16. How to Eat Bread at Dinner Without Gaining Weight
  17. When a Baby Wouldn't Stop Crying During a Flight, This Passenger Surprised Everyone with Her Response
  18. He Surprised His Wife in the Sweetest Way When Her Plane Landed—And the Whole Airport Heard It
  19. If You Hate Shaving, You're Going to Want This New Tool That Magically Smoothes Your Skin
  20. Watch What These Train Passengers Did When a Woman Just Couldn’t Stop Laughing
  21. Pope Francis Spotted Something in the Crowd That Sent Him into a Giggle Fit
  22. Little Slugger Pauses at First Base Mid-Play to Say the Cutest Thing!
  23. Doing This Trick With Your Pizza Can Save You Nearly 7,000 Calories a Year
  24. The No-Brainer Trick for Even Better Flavor in Chocolate Cookies
  25. Adding This Dried Fruit to Your Diet Can Prevent Colon Cancer
  26. Escaped Monkey Plays the Most Hilarious Tricks on Police and Neighbors
  27. The Touching Reason This Father of the Bride Wanted Another Man to Walk His Daughter Down the Aisle
  28. This Dog Does the Funniest Thing Every Time His Water Bowl Is Refilled
  29. Milk Going Bad? Never Waste a Drop with This Delicious Breakfast Idea
  30. This Genius New Way of Eating Mashed Potatoes Will Forever Change Dinner
  31. Woman's Fake Ultrasound Photo Is the Best Response to People Who Are Overly Nosy
  32. What You NEED to Know Before You Put Your Hair in a Bun
  33. Ice Cream-Loving Dog Is the Worst Furry Friend Ever
  34. Doctor on Plane Saves Child with Asthma in Most Ingenious Way
  35. Grandmother with 20-Something's Body Swears This Food Switch Keeps Her Looking Gorgeous
  36. Mom Puts Hidden Camera in Living Room and Catches Dad Entertaining Kids in the Funniest Way
  37. Big News: Easy Test Can Tell Breast Cancer Patients If They Can Avoid Chemo
  38. This Is Amazing! A Daily Aspirin Can Double the Survival Rate of Cancer Patients
  39. Man Proposes to His Girlfriend, Then Makes Her Daughter Feel Like a Real-Life Princess
  40. Watch How This Sweet Dog Takes Care of Its Newest Human Owner
  41. The Most Awe-Inspiring Photos of Last Night's Supermoon
  42. The Easy and Delicious Marinara Sauce with an Unexpected Star
  43. Stick to THESE Fruits and Veggies to Lose the Most Weight
  44. Adorable Minion Tortures Puppies By Trying to Be Their Friend
  45. What Celine Dion Did for Her Ailing Husband Will Take Your Breath Away
  46. Poor Kid Can’t Blow Out His Birthday Candle--and It Just Keeps Getting Funnier
  47. Adorable Hungry Cat Will Melt Your Heart, Despite Its Bad Posture
  48. 3 Places That'll Give You Free Coffee on National Coffee Day
  49. When Boy With Autism Disrupts Broadway Show, One of the Actors Has an Unexpected Reaction
  50. The Unexpected Reason Why You Should Buy the Generic Brand Chocolate Chips
  51. Woman Four Months Away from Due Date Goes on Cruise Ship, Leaves with Unforgettable Souvenir
  52. Man Confesses His Love for Elementary School Crush Online and the Sweetest Thing Happens
  53. Use This In-a-Pinch Trick to Take Off Nail Polish When You're Out of Remover
  54. The Easy Eyeliner Trick That Makes You Look Less Tired
  55. Stray Dog Risks Life for Girl He Doesn't Know, Earns Fitting Name for Heroics
  56. Why This Expecting Mom Was Thrilled Her Husband Never Came to Bed
  57. Woman Left Infertile from Cancer Treatments Shocks Doctors with Miracle
  58. This Little Girl Has Two Boyfriends, Hilariously Lectures Her Dad on Why It's OK
  59. Cat Determined to Use Dog Friend As Bed, Will Make You Say Aww
  60. If You Love Newborn Photo Shoots, You'll Go NUTS Over These Twins' First Pictures
  61. What This Doctor Did to Soothe a Scared Little Girl Before Surgery Will Melt Your Heart
  62. As Relationship with Teenage Daughter Changes, Mom Writes PERFECT Letter
  63. Classic Nature Valley Granola Bars Will Never Be the Same
  64. This 8-Hour-Long Set of Songs Guarantees You the Best Sleep of Your Life
  65. 8 Things That Would Truly Surprise You About the Pope's Past
  66. The Easy Way to Banish Bad Breath When You Run Out of Mints
  67. The Reason This Horse Is Visiting a Hospice Will Move You to Tears
  68. Is Orange Juice the Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs?
  69. This Video of a Polar Bear Mama Teaching Her Baby to Save Herself Left Us Speechless
  70. When This Little Boy Got Close to a Calf, the Encounter Surprised Everyone
  71. What This 5-Year-Old Did for Mourning Police Officers Will Touch Your Soul
  72. Enjoy REAL Mac and Cheese in Only 6 Minutes
  73. The Surprising Things That Help Hot Flashes—and the Ones That Don’t
  74. Reluctant Husky Tries Head Massager, Finds It's the Best Thing Ever
  75. 10 Most Filling Foods That Will Banish Your Snack Cravings
  76. Man Builds Tiny Train to Give Rescue Dogs the Fun Little Rides They Deserve
  77. Is It Just Us, Or Is There a Tiny Cowboy with a Mustache Hugging This Grape?
  78. World's Kindest Professor Does Something So Unexpected When Single Mom Brings Tot to Class
  79. Deliciousness Overload! These Bananas Taste JUST Like Vanilla Ice Cream
  80. With Just 3 Ingredients, This Is Hands-Down the Easiest Recipe for Scones
  81. When Its Human Friend Won't Pay Attention to It, Cat Does FUNNIEST Thing
  82. Mom with Voice of an Angel Perfectly Sums Up Life with Kids in Hilarious 'Hallelujah' Parody
  83. This Kitten Can’t Meow, But What She Does Is So Much Better
  84. Destructive, Deaf Dalmatian Becomes Sweet Service Dog After Learning One Simple Thing
  85. Owner Buys Cat Luxurious Climbing Tree, Cat Lets Owner Know EXACTLY How It Feels About It
  86. The Secret to Reversing Alzheimer's May Have Been Hiding in This Pill All Along
  87. So Fun! Find Out What You'd Look Like as a Peanuts Character
  88. Keep Apples Fresh in Your Bag All Day Long with This Simple Trick
  89. Adorable Flower Girl Does Funniest Thing Ever Before the Wedding Even Starts
  90. Preschooler's Special Time Each Day Will Make You Squeal Over the Cuteness
  91. This Easy Trick Will Change How You Make Pancakes Forever
  92. Make Your Mac & Cheese Leftovers Taste Like New with This Easy Trick
  93. This Teenager Walked 310 Miles With His Puppy for One Simple Reason
  94. This Adorable Otter Learned a Special Trick to Cope with Her Asthma
  95. Little Boy Throws Peanut Butter-Themed Party with Just One Guest, and It's the Cutest Thing Ever
  96. The Easy, Eye-Friendly Way to Make Your Mascara Tube Last Longer
  97. Man Serenading Wife in Hospice with Extra-Special Song Will Turn You into a Puddle of Tears
  98. Mom with Sick Baby Gets Parking Ticket Outside Hospital. Then, Something Wonderful Happens
  99. Most Loyal Dog Ever Protects and Rescues Pal Stuck in Ditch for a Week
  100. Artist Imagines How Princess Diana Would Fawn Over Her Granddaughter Charlotte in Incredibly Moving Image
  101. This Tomato Naturally Grew to Look EXACTLY Like a Beloved Childhood Toy
  102. Little Girl Begs Divorced Parents to Be Friends Again, Has Powerful Message for World
  103. These 6 Boys Reacting to Meeting Their Baby Sister Is the Most Adorable Thing Ever
  104. Parents Are Cheering Over What's Missing from This Supermarket Checkout Aisle
  105. You'll Never Look at Fortune Cookies the Same Way After Hearing What One Did for This Man
  106. After Years of Fertility Issues, Twins Are Now Doubly Blessed
  107. The Delicious Reason You Need to Add Diet Coke to Your Brownie Mix
  108. The 1-Step Trick That Will Finally Determine Your Skin Type
  109. When Her Dad Lost His Soccer Game, This Little Girl Did the Sweetest Thing to Cheer Him Up
  110. Guess Which Former President Got Caught On Camera Doing Something Totally Sweet?
  111. The Easy Way to Have Bread with Just-Baked Freshness Whenever You Want It
  112. Mom’s Letter to Teenage Son Leaves Internet Gasping in Awe
  113. This Dog Has the Most Surprising Playmate (and We're Not Sure Why the Family Let It In!)
  114. Hilarious Toddler CANNOT Be Tricked into Saying "I Love You" to His Sweet Mama
  115. When This Little Girl Tries to Eat Pizza for the First Time, the Cutest Struggle Ensues
  116. Oreo Releases New Toasted Coconut Flavor, Here's the Reason You'll Want to Try It
  117. Watch What This Pup Does When It Realizes It's Been Caught Being Naughty
  118. This Tiny Dog Caused a Flight to Land Early, But Now Everyone's Thanking the Pilot
  119. Wine Taste Weird? This Easy Trick Can Save It!
  120. No One Could Figure Out Why This Sober Man Was Acting Drunk Until His Wife's Film Revealed All
  121. Setting Up This One Phone Feature Could Save Your Life
  122. Genius Child Sees Right Through Magician's Trick, Shuts It Down on Live TV
  123. Biker Rescues Hurt Kitten, Then Does Something Amazing (and We’re So Glad He Had a Camera)
  124. It Was a Routine Traffic Jam—Until Something Incredible Happened
  125. Twins Request Hard-to-Create Birthday Cake, Mom Fulfills Wish in Incredible Way
  126. You Would Never Guess the Newest Place Pouring 25-Cent Coffee
  127. The Easiest Way to Turn A Pumpkin Into a Keg
  128. Turn Your Blender Into a Magic Bullet Using Just a Mason Jar
  129. There's a Really Weird Reason Nearsightedness Is on the Rise
  130. 9 Food Tricks That Slash the Time It Takes to Make Guacamole
  131. This Type of Logo on a Food Package Can Trick You into Buying It
  132. Adjust the Measurements for Any Recipe with This Genius Calculator
  133. This Pet Owner Is Glad She Paid Attention to Her Cat's Suddenly Crazy-Making Behavior
  134. The Sneaky Way This Woman Surprised a Dad-to-Be Will Make You Tear Up
  135. Matcha Green Tea 101: Everything You Need To Know
  136. If You're Not Doing This with Leftover Pizza Crust, You Are MISSING OUT
  137. Little Girl Spots Dad After First Day of School, Has Awww-Some Reaction
  138. Grandmother with Body of 20-Something Shares Her 3 Secrets for Looking This Young
  139. 10 Things We Hope Happen in the New 'Mary Poppins' Movie
  140. The 3 Secrets to Irresistibly Chewy Brownies
  141. If You're Not Already Taking Aspirin Every Day, You Probably Want to Start
  142. How to Instantly Save Dry, Stale Bagels
  143. Honey's Just As Bad as Corn Syrup, Study Finds
  144. Mom's Letter to Doctor Who Performed Surgery on Her Baby Will Make You See MDs In a Whole New Light
  145. Why Lane Bryant's #PlusIsEqual Campaign Has Women Everywhere Cheering
  146. This Is NOT a KFC Meal, But You'll Flip When You Learn What It Really Is
  147. Hearts are Melting After Seeing Photo of Dad's Sweet, Selfless Act
  148. The No-Brainer Way to Thin-Slice Your Onions
  149. Scientists Say Cats Don't Care About Their Owners, Pet Lovers Prove Them Wrong
  150. Ice Cream Bread Is the Deliciously Easy Treat You Need to Make
  151. This New Mom Was in a Coma Until Her Newborn Baby's Cry Changed Everything
  152. Change of Weather Got You Down? Eat This to Feel Better!
  153. 1-Ingredient Homemade Fruit Roll-Ups Kids AND Adults Will Devour
  154. When Asked Who Made a Mess in the Kitchen, One of These Pups Has the Perfect Response
  155. Every Time Her Dad Tries to Cut Her Nails, This Genius Baby Tricks Him into Stopping
  156. The Shockingly Simple Way to Poach the Perfect Egg Every Time
  157. Miss America Contestant Walks Out in Scrubs to Do Something Unprecedented for Talent Portion
  158. These Amazing Grapes Taste JUST Like Cotton Candy and Gumdrops
  159. Firefighter Groom Saves a Life at His Own Wedding
  160. 5 Powerful Grains and Seeds You Need in Your Pantry
  161. Kids Love Playing With Cars, But What Has This Boy Amazed Is a Lot Funnier
  162. Getting the Strength You Had in Your 20s May Be as Simple as Eating This Fruit!
  163. Are Coffee Grounds the Secret to Perfect Pasta Sauce?
  164. You Can Now Make Campbell's Soup in Your Keurig Coffee Machine
  165. Great News for People Who Never Make the Bed
  166. This Inmate Is Offering to Do Something Unbelievable for the Judge Who Put Him Behind Bars
  167. Dad Suggests Totally Unreasonable Dating Age to Toddler Daughter, Who Has Priceless Reaction
  168. We've All Been Lied to! Your Balsamic Vinegar Probably Isn't Balsamic Vinegar
  169. One Day Before the Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks, a Rainbow Appeared in the Craziest Place
  170. Something WONDERFUL Happens Every Summer at This Public Pool Before the Water Is Drained
  171. Last Surviving 9/11 Rescue Dog Gets Hero's Birthday Celebration
  172. A Stranger Touched My Screaming Baby in a Grocery Store and Changed Our Lives
  173. Recipes Using M&MS That Prove They're Not Just for Eating Plain
  174. This Supplement Can Zap The Worst PMS Symptoms
  175. This Trick to Perfectly Portion Spaghetti Is Shockingly Simple
  176. Groom Has the Most Romantic Reason for Lip-Syncing His Vows
  177. This Genius Gadget Will Make Your Kids Gobble Up Their Veggies
  178. You'll Love The 7 Most Inspiring Things Melissa McCarthy Has Said About Her New Fashion Line
  179. When You Find Out This Beautiful Woman's Age, You're Going to Steal Her Beauty Regime
  180. Students Do Something in High School Bathroom That May Forever Change How Girls See Themselves
  181. You Really Need to Have the Booze Talk by Age 10
  182. Family Welcomes New Baby and Puppies On Same Day, Takes Cutest Photos Ever!
  183. Apple Cider Mimosas Are the Deliciously Easy Way to Celebrate Fall
  184. Breakthrough! Tumor-Destroying Flower Could Fight ALL Cancers Without Side Effects
  185. The Only Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe You’ll Ever Need
  186. Mom Complains About Shopping with Disabled Son, Supermarket Responds in Jaw-Dropping Way
  187. This Self-Rolling Yoga Mat is the Workout Accessory You Never Knew You Needed
  188. The Best Teas to Boost Your Longevity, in Honor of Queen Elizabeth's Record-Breaking Reign
  189. Senior Waits for Woman at the Airport, Gives Her Greeting That Has Whole World in Tears
  190. This Mock PSA About Dad Joke Survivors Will Make You Want to Call Your Father
  191. When a Boy in a Car Crash Needed Comforting, This First Responder Did Something Incredible
  192. Finally! 'Antibiotics' That Fend Off Stubborn Viruses Like the Flu Are on the Way
  193. 4 New Fall-Themed Treats Hitting Starbucks Today
  194. This Boozy, No-Bake Kahlua Cake Takes Only 3 Ingredients and a Refrigerator
  195. Take a Close Look at Your Cucumbers! They're Sickening People Across the Country
  196. This Is When Teachers Think Kids Should Go to Bed--Is Your Child on Their Schedule?
  197. This Little Girl Dancing Like No One's Watching Is So Stinking Adorable
  198. What This Dog Does to Encourage Its Baby Friend to Keep Crawling Is SO Sweet
  199. Little Girl Covers Baby Brother in Peanut Butter, Internet Goes Wild
  200. The 8 Most Delicious Pumpkin-Spiced Cocktails to Get You in the Fall Spirit