Your Dating Style Is Scarily Accurate When It Comes to Predicting Long-Term Romance

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If you're dating someone and can't figure out if the relationship is going to last, you may want to pay attention to this study. Researchers at the University of Illinois have identified four different dating styles--the dramatic couple, the conflict-ridden couple, the socially involved couple, and the partner-focused couple--and how those styles affect your staying power.

Dramatic daters Your relationship is prone to lots of ups and downs, and you make decisions ("Is he right for me?") based on the last negative thing that happened (he forgot to text you when he said he would). You prefer time alone or with friends to couple time. Long-term prospects: Not good. Dramatic daters break up twice as often as the other three styles.

Partner-focused You are very careful about whom you're dating, and enter into new relationships with your head as well as your heart. So when you're dating someone, you're happy to get involved in that person's life--and both of you enjoy spending time together, as well as with your mutual friends. Long-term prospects: Awesome!

Conflict-ridden Okay, you fight. A lot. But you know how to make up, too. People say you're passionate about each other. Long-term prospects: Not as bad as you think! Your commitment level may dip when you're squabbling, but if you're aware of your patterns, you'll thrive.

Socially involved You chose dating partners who can fit into your social circles and then like to hang out with friends and family as well as alone. Long-term prospect: Good! Having friends in common can make people feel closer and more committed.

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