No More Insulin Shots! This Pill Makes Managing Diabetes So Much Simpler

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People with diabetes--either 1 or 2--rejoice! There may be a more painless way to get insulin pretty soon. Up until now, those with type 1 diabetes could only regulate their blood sugar by giving themselves daily shots of insulin. And for parents with young kids with diabetes, this can be a problem at school or daycare.

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Those with type 2 diabetes can often manage the disease with a combination of a strict diet and exercise routine, along with medication. But if that's not enough, then they too must rely on insulin shots.

Now researchers from Niagara University in Buffalo, NY, have come up with a pill that will do away with those injections. This isn't the first time scientists have tried to deliver insulin via a capsule. But too often the drugs dissolved in the stomach before the insulin could hit a diabetic's bloodstream.

These new pills are coated with fatty materials called lipids. These lipid molecules protect the insulin from stomach acids, which can break down the insulin before it can do any good.

So far the drugs have been tested on rats. But researchers plan to conduct human trials soon and predict the new miracle pills will be available for those with any type of diabetes in a few years.

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