Jenna Bush Hager Made a Promise to Her Daughters for the Summer and Everyone Is Cheering


Jenna Bush Hager is one busy lady. She's got a baby and a 3-year-old and a thriving career on the Today show. She's a wife and daughter. She keeps up with her extended family and friends. (Go to her Instagram page to check out her gatherings.) But even she realizes that summer is made for one thing and one thing only: taking it easy.

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Last year, right before her daughter Poppy was born, Hager wrote an essay for Today.com in which she made a big promise to her older daughter Mila, now 3. "Living a hurried city life, I have the tendency to over-plan even when it comes to my family. So as a busy mom, my goal this summer is to slow down," she wrote.

She was going to put the phone away and play with Mila. Watch her eat ice cream and kick her soccer ball every which way. Chase her around the park. Savor her daughter instead of worry about work or emails. After all, as Hager writes, "Life is sweet and it goes by too fast."

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And here's proof that Jenna Bush Hager is making the same promise again this summer!

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