If You're Not Getting Enough B12, There's a Scary Reason You Should Get Your Levels Checked

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We rarely think about vitamin B12, but it turns out, there's a good reason we should. A new study found that our levels of B12 begin to decline gradually as we get older. And by the time we hit our mid-70s, the levels of this crucial vitamin is 10 times lower than a young person's. The same study found that people with autism and schizophrenia also had low levels of B12.

Here's the danger for people over 60: Low levels of B12 have been tied to serious memory loss. B12 deficiency can make it difficult for you to think clearly; it can lead to balance problems , weakness, and constant fatigue.

Those at most risk for lowered levels include people who take heartburn medications as well as those who've had bariatric surgery. And if you're not eating enough meat or poultry, you could also be experiencing declining vitamin levels.

That's why many doctors recommend you start getting checked at age 50. If your B12 stores are low, talk to your doctor about the best ways to raise them. It may be your M.D. recommends eating your way to higher Bs by including more of these foods in your diet: beef, poultry, clams, salmon, and fortified cereals.

via Live Science

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