Eating This Type of Yogurt Can Make You Happier

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Say the word "vanilla," and the first thing that comes to mind is bland. Think about it: Most of us pair vanilla anything with a more flavorful food, be it apple pie, chocolate fudge, or granola. A new study, though, is making us reconsider vanilla yogurt. It turns out THIS flavor yogurt is the one most likely to make you smile when you eat it.

Yes, it sounds weird, but there's proof. In the last couple of years, scientists have found a link between the probiotics in yogurt and better moods. Adding good bacteria to our digestive system decreases anxiety and stress, researchers have found.

Now there's another reason why vanilla yogurt has mood-altering properties: We don't expect it to be so tasty, and when it is, we are pleasantly surprised, a study from the Netherlands found. The happiness boost only came when the study subjects ate low-fat vanilla yogurt; when they ate the fruit-flavored kind, there was no change.

So why not add some low-fat vanilla yogurt to your shopping cart the next time you hit the grocery store? After all, anything that makes you happy--and healthy--is a great thing.

via Huffington Post

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