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Sneaky Cause of Tiredness—Cured!

As many as 50% of women with energy-draining “silent” urinary tract infections go undiagnosed—learn the sneaky symptoms and the easy fix that restores vitality.


Summer Slimdown Cookbook

Every recipe in this 24-page pull-out cookbook can be made without turning on your oven, so you can wow your crowd even on summer’s hottest days! Plus, 15-minute dinners, a showstopping fro-yo cake and a free poster with mix-and-match ingredients to help you build delicious, superpowered smoothies!


Slip off Your Shoes for 100% Healthy & Happy

New research shows how going barefoot can reduce stress, ease pain, improve sleep and more. Discover the easy keys.


Simple Secrets to Stress-Free!

Dove Award-winning Christian singer and mother of three Natalie Grant shares the must-try strategies that help her stay upbeat and energized even on hectic days.