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Dinner? Done!

This 20-page pullout cookbook is filled with toss-together entrées, simple sides and delicious desserts that make it easy to get an impressive meal on the table.


“Silent Dehydration” Linked to Won’t-Budge Pounds

If you’re a woman over 40, your body is begging for more water even if you sip often and don’t feel thirsty. Experts share strategies that make it easy to give your body the water it needs so you can reap the many perks of H2O—including speedier slimming and extra energy!


News: Intestinal Parasites Draining 80% of American Women

Health experts estimate that 8 in 10 women who are battling tiredness and GI problems are harboring intestinal parasites—yet 75 percent of those affected remain undiagnosed. Discover the red flags—and the inexpensive at-home cure that quickly restores health and vitality.