Welcome to First for Women!

Have you seen First for Women magazine at the checkout? We hope so! It's the second bestselling magazine in America because women (and some men) have voted with their dollar and keep buying First for Women at the newsstand. In fact, we sell more than a million copies of each issue and boast a total audience of 4 million busy women.

But because we put all our resources into delivering a magazine packed with helpful tips and information you can't get anywhere else (and not so much in advertising the magazine), you may have never heard of us. If you haven't, thank goodness you're here—thank you for giving us a chance to introduce ourselves to you!

What you see on this website is just the tip of iceberg as far as what's in the actual magazine, where we cover everything from beauty to health to nutrition to cooking to decor to fun. In every issue: a 24-page cookbook that pulls right out from the center of the magazine and features quick, easy meals made with ingredients you already have in your fridge and pantry. Since we know how busy you are, we've made the magazine very visual with lots of quick tips that make it easy to pick it up, put it down and pick it back up again as your schedule allows.

You won't find any stories that continue somewhere else in the magazine, no tiny type that you have to wait to read until you're in better light and no information that's there because advertisers ask us to put it there. You see, at First for Women, we really do put you first: As a newsstand magazine, we write what you want to read without any other concerns. Oh sure, you'll see lots of blaring cover lines on our cover, but that's only because we've got to cut through the information clutter to get your attention. Inside, we focus on delivering smart, credible information backed by the top experts, plus dazzlingly pretty nails, hairstyles, decorating and crafts. So please give us a chance: Next time you're in the checkout line, look over and grab a copy. You won't regret it!